Signs That You Are Going Through Kundalini Awakening

by Conscious Reminder

Kundalini is referred to as our life force. When we do not go through any awakening process, our life force remains stuck in our spine. It depends on us whether we truly want to be enlightened.

If we do, then our first step would be to activate the life force we have within. We can do that by activating each of the chakras on our spine and engaging ourselves to the process of complete awakening.

This spiritual side of us will cleanse us and make us pure. Kundalini awakening is exactly that – a process to activate our chakras, release all our trapped energy and in the process, attain nirvana. It’s a process of finding who you are and raising your spiritual level up.

When you are going through a Kundalini awakening, you will feel certain things. This is how you will understand that Kundalini Awakening is taking place in your body:

1. Your emotions are topsy-turvy. You are going deep into your mind and reliving past experiences. You are sad, you are missing the opportunities that you actually missed. You wish to turn back time and relive certain parts of your life.

2. Past will become your focus because you have missed several opportunities when you could have released your life force. The result is that you will wish things were different in the past. Your mind will journey back and look at things from a different perspective.

3. Physical symptoms will start to show too – you will be waking up at night all of a sudden, crying or sweating. You will feel the energy coursing down your spine.

4. Your mind is now looking to do some radical changes. From diet to maybe your job, you will change things. People who no longer help your growth will be cut off.

5. You become aware that your material mind has been in control and has held your potential in a prison. You understand the problem with ego and while it always tried to prepare you for the worst, you lost precious moments of the present. The present is the time you are truly powerful.

6. Synchronicities, synchronicities, synchronicities – everything somehow falls in place. It seems almost perfect.

7. You grow a lot more empathetic. Now, you can feel everything that another person feels. You will be bewildered at first but that’s what happens when the third eye begins to open up.

8. Nature attracts you. You want to be outside as many times as possible.

9. You don’t want to be attached to things – you want to declutter. Sell things that do not matter, and bring messiness into order. Even memories of broken relationships will be deleted now.

10. Structures and systems will make sense now, in a different way. You will have a more enlightened approach towards them. Now, you will be discovering what it is that they do.

11. Influxes of emotions start taking place randomly. Old feelings which were never resolved start making appearances in new forms.

12. With empathy, you will want to make a difference in other people’s life. You will start engaging in the services of a noble nature and be grateful for it too.

13. First, there will be a stage when you will get angry that you were not given certain things – time, privileges, knowledge, etc. But eventually, you will accept what you were given, be grateful for it, and note everything down as an experience.

14. You will realize that life is just a reflection of what you do. What you give to it, comes back to you in a specific way.

15. Your divine connection becomes active. You find God within yourself and in others.

16. You start living in the moment. You realize that life is in the ‘now’. It starts in the ‘now’ and it ends in the ‘now’. So, start living in the present.

So, is your Kundalini finally awakening? Start with the now. Don’t wait for miracles to happen. Best of luck.

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