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Your Deep Emotions Aren’t Something To Be Ashamed Of

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we are going to feel tired of people telling us that we are too messy when we express the emotions we feel.

Of course, we all have emotions; in fact, that is what actually makes us human beings. Our ability to express our feelings verbally defines our complex and specific journey in the world.

There are people who will be more sensitive when it comes to our emotions and feelings than others. In fact, we have to feel profound and relate more intensely to the rest of our Universe. We all belong to those people.

We are not supposed to apologize for experiencing our feelings in vibrant ways. They are probably one of our best qualities, or they are a fundamental part of the person we are. If our feelings make other people feel uncomfortable, that will speak to the discomfort within their own selves.

Maybe they also have those same emotions; however, they aren’t connected to the inner selves. Maybe they fear to express those feelings, which causes them embarrassment or shame. Instead of getting curious about the inner workings of themselves, they will attack the ones whose expression freedom will make them feel threatened and small. It is easier.

If a person would like to judge our ways of moving throughout our lives, we are going to encourage him or her to find a more important spot on which they will focus their own attention. In fact, there are a lot of worthy causes in this world. We should choose only one.

We are not supposed to blame other people for all the toxicity which lives within us. We should nurture ourselves, find our wounds, and then heat them. We are actually the only person that may help our own heart.

Those people that love profoundly empathize endlessly, or hurt with the rawness which many people are never going to understand, should continue on embodying their beautiful selves.

We are all special beings, courageously pushing ahead with their passion in the unforgiving and cruel world. Sometimes, it would be a struggle only to exist in genuine ways which are genuine without even succumbing to the complete exhaustion.

We all get it. In fact, feeling so much can sometimes be a burden. We should nurture our heart without actually hardening it. We should not let pain to make us into someone we aren’t.

We have to feel proud of the person we are. The journey will not be an easy one, and we are unbelievably brave to continue returning to our truth’s root.

Those who don’t understand are going to try to tear us down, but remaining firm for most of the time in our own knowledge of ourselves, they can’t and aren’t going to succeed.

We aren’t supposed to feel afraid when it comes to feeling. We should not let others tell us that our ways of processing emotions are too much. In fact, that isn’t our problem.

If they do not really like it, we should permit them to take their own issues elsewhere. We should know that we are wonderful just like we are.

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