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Common Synchronicity Between Lovers

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Do you remember how you met your soulmate? How is every incident of your life taking you over and over again to the same person? No matter how much you try to resist, something pops up that reminds you of the person you don’t want to see.

All the incredible coincidences that leave a significant impact on your life occur for a reason. The particular name for these moments in time is synchronicity. It could be happening to you right now but especially when you are in a relationship.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung first described the concept of synchronicity as “meaningful coincidences”.  Examples of synchronicity are seen in every aspect of life. From getting a new job to breaking up with your lover, you find this phenomenon everywhere.

Synchronicity between lovers is highly discussed because more or less, relationships are producing their direct effects on everyday life.

Some signs show there is synchronicity between lovers; you can look for these signs:

You Find Their Name Everywhere:

It happens to many people. When you silently like someone and they are about to become the major part of your life, you see their name everywhere; on billboards, signage, newspapers, magazines etc. Even when you two are in love, you see the same name more often than you previously did.

Their Favorite Songs Keep Coming On:

When you turn on the radio, somehow songs that you shared together are playing. Not only that, you can hear the same songs playing on the street, in the club or wherever you go.

Calling or Texting at the Same Time:

It is the most common example of synchronicity between lovers. Suddenly, you two start missing each other during work at the same time and pick up the phone just to see that the other person is feeling the same.

Having the Same Thought at the Same Moment:

An idea of peaceful vacations occurred to you, and suddenly, your partner presented the same idea within seconds before you share anything. It’s not just a coincidence; your mind has silently sent the message to your lover without you knowing. In the end, you both were saying, “I was thinking the same thing”.

What is the Meaning of Synchronicity between Lovers?

You have a clear mind, and you see all the signs. When you are in a relationship and finding this phenomenon occurring now and then, it could mean that your souls have accepted each other. It shows that you can have a powerful and happy relationship. That person could be your soulmate you have been waiting for every lifetime.

However, remember that signs of synchronicity don’t give assurance that you will have a joyful life. It could mean that you two are destined to be with each other, but not every relationship is intended to last forever.

It could happen to teach you a huge lesson in life. It could impact you negatively or positively, but you shouldn’t worry. Whenever you find a lovely coincidence, live it at full; enjoy every moment with your lover whenever you can.

Your future is not in your hands, but you can make your present pleasant and memorable.

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