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Your Love Horoscope For The Venus In Gemini Season

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by Conscious Reminder

Our Sun will be in the zodiac of Gemini until June 21st, 2019. The variety-seeking qualities of Gemini are going to combine with the staunch determination of Taurus. 

Just think of a toy that a child has gotten bored of, but still absolutely adores it. When there is a new addition or activity with the toy, it becomes exciting again. Your relationship is pretty similar to that. Boredom annoys every human on the planet.

Here are horoscopes for your zodiac this season:

Aries – 21st March to 19th April

Control is your ultimate guilty pleasure, you love it, and you crave it. It is what keeps you sane. This phase can bring you emotional knowledge which can let you understand your role in every sphere and redo anything which needs to change. Your relationship might see some trouble, but it is all for the better.

Taurus – 20th April to 20th May

This is the time to make memories which will last you a lifetime. You might be presented with a desire to embark on travels, start a book, redo your website, or even buy a house! Your relationship should be in its very best form and the intimacy is mind-blowing. Make good use of this to strengthen everything for the future.

Gemini – 21st May to 20th June

Try to find that one person who truly understands and accepts you for exactly who you are. You will be presented with many choices now and you are the creator of your own happiness. So a person who wants best for you is going to be a great help while making decisions. The door to your inherent self will reveal itself at this time.

Cancer – 21st June to 22nd July

It is true that you have been through a lot in your life, people might have played you dirty. But this is the time for healing and letting go of bad energy. This is your chance to shine bright! You are unique, you are special, and it’s pretty likely that one special person will see that in you.

Leo – 23rd July to 22nd August

The air is rife with secrets that are being exposed by the second. So take caution and be careful about what you show people about yourself. Do not let false rumor about yourself get to you. Things in your life might take a sudden turn and you might have to adjust. But do not be afraid and speak your mind.

Virgo – 23rd August to 22nd September

This is a wonderful period of opportunities for you. Don’t think about the opportunities you might have missed in the past, because there will be plenty available now. You can start a business, redo your reputation, join a team, and plenty more. A certain situation might be testing your intelligence, but just keep a calm head and it will be alright.

Libra – 23rd September to 22nd October

Learn to let go of the anger that you might have pent up inside you. Move away from your past as life opens several new doors for you. You can begin learning a new language, meet new people, and see life from a perspective you have never seen before. Just let go of the past to usher in the future.

Scorpio – 23rd October to 21st November

Your life might seem like it is fluctuating a lot, but you can breathe easy now as the uncertainty is going to end. Arguments with your lover or close ones will be resolved. Find ways to spend time with your family, or lover, go on a small getaway with people you love. This is the time your life is rebirthing itself.

Sagittarius – 22nd November to 21st December

This month is going to be defined by your thirst for love and companionship. If you aren’t with someone, you might finally have that special someone to spend your life with. If you are with someone, your relationship is going to be strengthened and enter a new phase.

Capricorn – 22nd December to 19th January

You will become acutely aware of the world around you. You might find that your partner is not as it seemed, you might want to end the relationship. You also need to focus on your health and diet. A natural whole food diet might nurture you back to your peak shape.

Aquarius – 20th January to 18th February

The presence of relentless abundance around you might cloud your vision and lead you astray from your goals. But with some discipline and self-restraint, you can make the best use of it all. You might want to get some alone time to rekindle the fire between you and your lover. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised how much of a difference some quality time together can make.

Pisces – 19th February to 20th March

Stability and routine are best cultivated during this period of time where you are experiencing plenty of growth. It is possible you are started from all the way down to your way up. Make use of opportunities that you are provided to lay a solid groundwork for your future endeavors. If you feel like something in the relationship is astray, fix it and fall in love again.

How do you think you will fare in this season?

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