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To All Girls Who Think Their Body Is Not Beautiful Enough

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

All those girls that struggle with their body images should know this:

Girls are something more than all those numbers they see on the scale. They are something more than those numbers on their dresses and jeans, or the numbers of pounds they have lost or gained in some time period.

The definition of weight is the quantity of matter that is contained by an object or a body. The weight doesn’t define the ambition, potential, and self-worth of a girl.

There are many girls in the world that strive for some validation through all those different numbers connected with body images, and it is really sad to see such incredible, and beautiful women become unmotivated and discouraged over several numbers which do not measure anything that has true importance.

Of course, living a healthy life is really important. Taking care of ourselves is also really important. But, our mental health is also included in taking better care of ourselves. Neglecting our physical or mental health is going to inflict the problems on others. 

The idea about our weight, being too thin or too heavy, can stick in our heads very easy, which will result in us probably mistreating our body in a particular way.

Our bodies are our special and beautiful temple. Our bodies harbor all of our thoughts, characteristics, ideas, and feelings. Without our bodies, we would not be us. If we want to change them in some healthy ways, we should go ahead.

We are not supposed to make changes in order to please or impress other people. We are definitely the only one that is in true charge of our bodies. No person has the total right to actually tell us if our bodies are good enough or not.

If we do not satisfy the needs of those people, then we do not need such negative influences in our lives. Such kind of control and manipulation are extremely unhealthy.

We shouldn’t hold back some things we want or love to do as a result of how we interpret our bodies. We are enough. We are even more than that.

We are something more than our exterior. We are our inner being, our spirit. Confidence and a smile will be the most attractive and beautiful things we can wear.

It isn’t all about our jeans’ size. It is also about our heart and mind’s size. We should embrace our bodies, observe, and even adore each curve, stretch mark, and bone. We should wear everything that makes us feel comfortable and happy in our own skin.

We should do our makeup and hair to the desire of our heart. We should wear everything we want. And, if we want a so-called bikini, we should put a bikini on our body, is that simple.

So, regardless of how hard it seems sometimes, girls have to understand that those numbers on the scale do not measure the importance or amount of their contributions to the world.

Simply because a dress does not fit them as they hoped, it will not mean that they are something less of an individual.

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