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Venus Has Started Its Journey In Gemini And This Is What It Means For Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Ah, Venus in Gemini, the time when your relationship will reach a beautiful and playful period. In case it seems like your relationship has stalled, this will be the time for its revival.

In you are single at this point in time, this is the time when you could go on dates, lots of dates. Get to meet interesting people, but keep it light and don’t get too serious. It is all about enjoying the present moment and living life.


You definitely have your way with words, so this is an opportune time to make the best use of it. You can anticipate a significant increase in wanting an intellectual connection. Just make sure you put yourself out there and leave people wanting for more of that awesomeness.


A sensual connection is where your mind is leading to every time you think about your relationship. Home-cooked meals, making out, and back rubs are your go-to. Take your connection to the next level but make sure your stability game is on point. Aesthetics are your best friend right now.


Desire, enchantment, and beauty are the things you ooze out in every place you go to. It is just not possible for anyone to break away from gazing at your radiant beauty. Attention is going to be served to you on a silver platter, hordes of it! Enjoy the courting of potential lovers.


You love to keep your relationship affairs private, so much so that you secretly admire a certain someone. A certain someone might just pop out of nowhere in your life too. Solitude with your significant other is what you need in order to understand them on a psychic level.


The social life you engage in and the love life you have are fusing together. You might find a friend become more than just a friend. Socializing is going to be an active pursuit of both you and your lover at this time. But you must learn to connect with your S/O as a friend.


Your love life is the inspiration for many in your lives and beyond. If you’re single, don’t worry, just go all in on your self-confidence and make an active effort. If you’re a couple, help each other be successful.


Do not stay in the house and die of boredom right now. Try out different activities as a couple, go out for a small trip, do something you have never done before, and just rekindle the fire of love! Keep an open mind as you might meet someone new and exciting!


This is a time you must be truthful with yourself and be open to some vulnerability. Casual hookups and meaningless romance will do you no good right now. A transcendent sexual bond, depth, and intimacy are the things which your soul craves. You want to feel special for someone.


If you already have that special someone in your life, you fill find yourself reinforcing that commitment and being honest with each other. In case you’re single, you’re pretty likely to meet someone that’ll shake up your world.


This is an opportune time to establish goals as a couple and learn to cooperate and make something meaningful. Learn to help each other in your household chores and duties. It will create a romance between you two without having to force anything.


A great time is what you are looking for. So take a chance and play around with that person you really like. Wink, flirt, dance, and have the time of your life! The two of you can make living art together, just infuse the bond you have with your creativity. Don’t worry about taking things very seriously, just chill and go with the flow.


Curled up in the sofa with your significant other and binging on Netflix, sounds good right? The most thrilling place right now can easily be your home. You do not need to put up showy displays of affection or go on over the top dates. Just be there for each other.

How do you think your life is faring now?

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