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Aries Season Through Dates: Fanning The Fire Of Creation

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of Aries will start on March 20th/21st which is essentially the time when we initiate new things.

It is one of the seasons when we would be able to find the inner strength, whilst igniting the flames to our inner fire.

For the season in Aries, we don’t have any planets which are in a state of retrograde. This simply implies that the energy from the cosmos would be supporting us in our endeavors.

You should be able to use this time to take a big step forward- which would further help you down on the path leading to your goals. All you need to do is let go of the fears that have steadily kept you back from success.

20th / 21st March- The Beginning Of The Season In Aries

If we were to consider tropical astrology, the beginning of the season would coincide with the time of the Equinox. As we know, the Equinox has always been thought of as quite a sacrosanct time to work on one’s unity, balance while harmonizing with nature.

25th March- Sun Will Be In Conjunct With Venus

With the planet of Venus in a conjunction with the Sun, we should be able to receive quite a large dose of that energy. Venus has been considered to be one of the ruling planets of relationships, money, and love. She has always reminded us of the connections we share with Divinity along with the power that we have to create something beautiful.

28th March- The Libra Full Moon

One of the most magical moments of the year would be the Full Moon in Libra- where the Moon will be in a triangle formation with both Saturn and Mars. This is referred to as a Grand Trine- which has historically been considered as protective, lucky, and quite magical.

28th / 29th March- Chiron Conjunct Sun

The Full Moon will be on the 28th of March – which would also herald the Sun-Chiron alignment. As we know, Chiron is one of the most important asteroids which is also called the wounded healer. The energy from the asteroid would help us deal with our past wounds and traumas.

3rd April- Mercury Shifting Through Aries

When Mercury shifts through Aries, there would be around 4 cosmic bodies already in place in the sign. The energy from the planet, therefore, becomes very strong as it adds more fuel to the fire burning inside us. As Mercury is now in the sign of Aries, we just might have to put a check on the things we can say.

9th April- Neptune Squaring Up With Mars

The energy that would come out here would definitely help us be more flexible and creative. If one were to think about all the energy that was around us, the current energy would help us see things from a different perspective.

11th April- The New Moon In Aries

The New Moon in Aries is going to help you when you are manifesting something. You should utilize this energy to connect to the higher spirit.

14th April- Taurus Plays Host To Venus

Since Venus absolutely loves to be in Taurus, this will be a proper time to start harmonizing one’s energy. We might need to take a step back and do things slowly- to truly believe in what we are doing.

18th April- Sun Conjuncting Mercury

The alignment of Mercury and Sun has always been quite an important event- for it would help us tap into messages hidden in our intuition.

19th/20th April- Sun Stepping In Taurus

This is when the season in Taurus starts, as the Sun decides to step out of Aries.

The Season in Aries is quite an important point of time for us to start on our goals. Believe in who you are, and trust your abilities, and you would soon see the light shining at the edge of the dark tunnel.

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