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Retrograde Season Is Taking A Full Swing So Get Ready For Chaos And Some Magic

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by Conscious Reminder

When we hear the word or term retrograde, we know that something will probably go nuts a little bit, without even understanding what will that mean for us.

While the retrograde of the planet Mercury is something we should worry about, we should also know that each planetary retrograde which could probably happen will happen at once.

Starting from the 10th of April, the planet Jupiter started the season of retrogrades, and it contained softer energies than those provided by the planet Mercury, while it is in retrograde.

As a result of this, many people were not even aware of what has been happening. But, others probably experienced searching for their own selves that also included searching everywhere but within.

Because of this, we will probably immerse ourselves in mind-expanding experiences, particularly those that belong to the signs of Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini.

After that, Saturn and Pluto followed suit too, with the planet Pluto going retrograde on the 24th of April, while Saturn is going retrograde on the 30th of April.

The retrogrades were less than subtle, pushing a lot of people from their zones of comfort and in the directions of learning all those lessons from the mistakes they made, and even pushing ahead to real transformation.

Many people in our lives are probably blowing their own lives up at this period because they have entered in the middle of oblivion. If we are having some doubts about all those changes we see in the person we live, we may finally have the chance to rest our heads in our zone of comfort and belief.

But, without the necessary follow through, or planning of the sign of Capricorn, we may not even have the strength to continue our follow through. The practical planning nature of Capricorn, in pair with the planets Saturn and Pluto will make the needed changes in our own lives.

On the 21st of June, the planet Neptune goes retrograde, followed by the planet Mercury, which will go retrograde on the 7th of July, and after than Chiron on the 8th of July.

We may need to brace ourselves, because although most of these events are nothing special, Mercury will add insult to our injuries and shake everything up in great ways.

The planet Neptune is going to cause our limits to disappear, which would be catastrophic for those people that are in the middle of the existential crisis which happened from all those retrogrades mentioned above.

If we play our cards properly, this could actually be the thing that we needed. As our ego-identity also falls apart, we are going to see ourselves in entirely new lights, and we are going to see some cosmic love seeping as well.

On the 7th of July, we are going to see the retrograde of the planet Mercury, and Chiron is going to follow it on the 8th of July.

These two forces in combination are going to make us miscommunicate, and because of the forces that will surround us, we can be quite miscommunicating in ways which could be damaging for our lives and for ourselves too, or even for others, because we are going to say it meaningfully.

Some other problems may include impulsive decisions about important life aspects, electronics going out of control, etc.

In fact, the best possible way in which we may handle this would be spiritual. We can have a card reader or trusted astrologist doing an astrological forecast for us.

Using the identical elements, and our natal chart, we may plan to make the best possible decisions by simply understanding how the alignments are going to affect us.

We should also take walks, breathe, and meditate. When immense chaos begins reigning down, we should remember that we are the ones that control our lives. Although we may feel that we are not controlling them, we are, and we have to trust our intuition.

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