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A Simple Guide To Selecting And Using The Perfect Crystal For You

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They say that true geometric shapes and the beauty of rigid forms rarely occurs in nature. That’s before you take a close look at crystals.

The magnetic beauty of these precious (and sometimes rare) stones is a testament to the power of the forces of nature. Crystals have a lot more value and influence apart from the purely aesthetic.

The ancient shamans and the nature-worshipping mystics of days past knew of the magical properties of these minerals from deep within the bosom of the earth.

You can either use a crystal as decoration or you could choose to realise its true power and attain spiritual growth through its help. Thus, it is imperative to be clear about your purpose when choosing a crystal. The following are some common gemstones and their uses:

1.Clear Quartz: Promotes thought energy and scatters negativity. It is a natural battery, receiving, storing and giving off energy.

2.Amethyst: Has a calming influence, is protective and inspirational. It is good for dream states and also good for connecting to higher vibrations and meditating.

3.Citrine: Promotes mental balance as well as boosts your self-esteem. A very effective gem particularly in the hectic modern world.

4.Moonstone: Promotes intuition and perception. It also balances emotions, induces confidence and is an inspirational source in love and business.

5.Rose Quartz: Stimulates the heart chakra, thus encouraging your compassionate soul to express itself.

6.Kyanite: Aligns and strengthens the astral body and stimulates the third eye chakra.

How Do We Choose?

Crystals emit energy of their own. In some ways, you could say that you may be drawn to the energy field of the crystal that naturally suits your personality.

Trust your intuition the first time you try to buy crystals. Some stones will naturally draw you to them and that particular gem should be the first one in your collection.

When you find a stone that you feel is pulling you toward it, pick it up. The feeling it gives you is important in the selection process.

Close your eyes and feel the energy that the crystal is radiating. Take a moment to meditate upon its background, age, origination, and what it went through to get to this point in your hand.

What’s your favorite crystal? Share your thoughts with us!

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