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To All People Who Feel Like They Don’t Belong Anywhere

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As we are all blessed and loved by a lot of people, we have to ignore all those negative feelings and thoughts that are telling us otherwise.

We are friendly individuals, social butterflies, and we make friends everywhere we are, or everywhere we go. We touch other people’s hearts with our caring demeanor and fun and lovely personalities.

However, there will be days when we are going to feel like we don’t have people in our lives we can hang out with.

Every friend we have will be busy because he or she will hang out with other people or when we check our social media, we are going to see that every friend we have is in his or her respective group, hangs out and has fun. We will question why we find it hard to belong in any place or group.

However, we should know that we are important, and we aren’t overlooked. We have to remember that we aren’t forgotten. We are loved sincerely despite what our inner thoughts say in our heads.

We may not actually belong to some specific friends’ group, but the thing that we are always welcomed to a lot of groups says a lot about our personality.

Moreover, the thing that we have a great number of friends also means that we have many people we can really rely on or people who may rely on us. We aren’t the only one that feels this particular way.

The loneliness feeling is well-known among many people. Sometimes, we will doubt our abilities to have friends and keeping them. We will sometimes question ourselves why we cannot have friends on whom we can continually rely.

However, we will later realize that it is silly for us and others to feel in this particular way. It isn’t about belonging, but it is about doing.

It would be about being always there for other people even when they are not there for us. It would be about giving the love that our heart may allow. It would be about being that special person that makes other people feel special.

We should stop searching for the place where we would belong to. We aren’t individuals that belong to only one group. We are supposed to bring joy and happiness to a lot of people.

Cheers to all those that don’t belong in only one place. We will be friends that everyone will love, and that would be enough to actually make us realize that we belong in some special place right inside of their hearts.

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