These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week With The Full Moon In Virgo

by Conscious Reminder

Despite all the intensity which is going to come together with the February Full Moon, there is actually still something unbelievably liberating about it.

During this Full Moon, there will be three signs of the Zodiac that are going to experience this lunar phase the best, and they are Taurus, Capricorn, and Cancer.

Virgo’s energies are thriving off productivity, organization, and service. The February Full Moon will be the culmination of one New Moon which happened in last September, so, we have to remember what we have built, or organized in the previous six months.

The sign of Virgo symbolizes everything which happens during our everyday lives. For example, certain things like daily habits, routine, state of body and mind, relationship with our physical body, daily duties, are all connected to Virgo.

The season of Leo comes before the season of Virgo, so we are going to tap into creativity during the Leo season, but we will also be required to find some ways to put those creations into use during the Virgo season.

These astrological seasons were said to be the evidence from our heavens which tell that everything happens for a specific reason, and there is always some place or time for everything.

The upcoming Full Moon will take place during the season of Pisces; this is not a coincidence because Pisces and Virgo oppose one another in our Zodiac system.

Although Virgo symbolizes the body of humans in this physical world, the sign of Pisces shows what universal realm and self-sacrifice means.

The sign of Virgo prefers consistency, organization, and clarity, while Pisces prefers ambiguity, imagination, and unclearness. The reason for this is as Virgo is living in the present, while Pisces is walking between the two worlds.

Here is what Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn should expect during this Full Moon:

Taurus: Prepared to celebrate.

People who are born under the sign of Taurus should not delay to turn up, patting themselves on their back, regardless of whether they glow in their self-love, fall in love with their twin flame, and complete some passion project.

One thing would be certain; their vibes attract their surroundings, so when they remain true with their authentic self, every single thing is going to come through. Self-love will definitely be the most significant love kind, and people in Taurus should not have it another way.

Cancer: Finally speaking their truth.

Besides the fact that people born under this sign are big fans of the Pisces season, this Full Moon occurring in the sign of Virgo is going to illuminate their chatty third house of technology, local community, and communication.

This will be validating and liberating for them too. So, they will have to reflect on this: how they collaborated with their close circle, immediate community, or followers on social media since September of last year? This is going to be the cosmic finale coming from heaven. 

Capricorn: Taking exciting and inspiring risks for changes.

Whether these people born under this sign decided to start a specific journey overseas, or study in another country for one semester, or even sign up for a mission trip in some exotic country, we hope that they are going to take full approval for the successful endeavors.

For numerous people in this sign, it has been quite a hard time, but the February Full Moon will remind them from the heaven that there will always be light at the tunnel’s end after all. They should reflect on this: what has changed when it comes to their faith or personal philosophy from September 2018 until now?

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