This Is How Narcissists Manipulate Their Romantic Partners

by Conscious Reminder

Every narcissist treats their partners like trophies and expects unwavering loyalty and adoration throughout their relationship. They frequently resort to manipulation in order to win their attention and deference.

These are few signs through which you might be able to recognize them.

I: Jealousy – As soon as narcissists feel like they are losing the interest of their partner, they purposely create situations to make them feel pangs of jealousy. They try to win back their control and power of their partner and relationship. Since narcissists are inherently insecure with delicate egos, they bring jealousy to build back their self-esteem and test their relationship.

II: Guilt – Very often, narcissists try to induce guilt in their partners if they notice any behavioral sign of ungratefulness or disrespect. They feel no remorse while taking such perverse actions against their partners just to get dominance over them.

III: Threats – Emotional and physical threats are openly and frequently thrown to their partners by narcissists to gain power in the relationship.

The Never-Ending Toxic Cycle in Relationships

Narcissists have an incessant need to be admired and praised constantly by their partners. If at any point, they feel a reduced amount of attention or affection from the part of their partner, they become desperate and conniving.

A narcissist can be driven to a state of total fear and anxiety by little things like being late to a date, spending time with friends, not wearing the clothes gifted by them, or working till late hours.

Is Your Toxic Ex The Narcissist?

Narcissists are desperate to win back the affection of their ex-partners and have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to win them back. They have devious skills of putting up a façade in front of their partners in the hopes of acquiring continuous compliments and showers of love from them. They also make sure that hook up with submissive partners and every new conquest is seen as a trophy by them.

Narcissists always tend to augment their good qualities and vilify their ex-partner. They always paint the bad qualities of their partners in front of the world in order to gain sympathy from everyone while they abuse them.

Signs Of A Narcissistic Partner

1: Blame-Game

Every healthy relationship has room for each other’s mistakes and then they move on together. Regrettably, if you are in a relationship with a narcissistic person, you will be faced with numerous blames for every action of yours. This will mainly be due to the lack of understanding and petty-mindedness of the narcissist. They tend to blame others for their own flaws, making themselves feeling superior and in power.

2: Unreal Expectations

Unfortunately, narcissists choose their partners who make them feel superior and noticed in society and not for love. Their partners are those who are popular and wanted.

3: Constant Back-and-Forth

The innocent partner feels lost and terrified as the narcissistic person tightens their control over them. They want a way out of the toxic relationship but are constantly pulled back into the same abusive cycle.

4: Complete Control

Narcissists want complete control over their partners without letting them have any identity of their own. They derive their self-esteem from the submissiveness of their partners.

5: Deceitful Relationship

A narcissist is devious and cunning in not only their romantic relationship but in all their relationship. They need a person to perpetually shower praises on them and make them feel good about themselves. Narcissists are unable to make authentic connections with people and are always scheming. They suck out the positive energy from every relationship.

In an attempt to showcase themselves as a person without any flaw, they become anxious about their image as a vulnerable human being. So, if you are friends with a narcissist, be rest assured that your efforts to please the person would never be enough.

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