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Neptune And The Sun Align Today: Are You Escaping Reality?

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by Conscious Reminder

The 12th of March this year will see Neptune and the Sun aligning at 22 degrees in the constellation of Pisces.

Neptune, as we all know, is the planet of dreams, illusions, and higher consciousness, hence its alignment with the Sun will surely bring in something eventful.

The Sun usually aligns with Neptune once every year and that event allows us to move into varied planetary energies with greater ease. For the uninformed, the energy of Neptune is soft, watery, and creative. It does allow us to move out of our rationale and walk around a field of dreams. 

How Does The Energy Of Neptune Help Us During This Event?

Neptune also provides guidance that allows us to have thoughts that are not strictly orthodox. It also gives us the ability to observe things just beyond our senses. And needless to say, it does remind us to enjoy life with its myriad aspects.

This implies that there is a life that exists beyond the tangible. We also associate this planet with a realm where love is unconditional, and our consciousness is at an extremely high point.

Neptune provides us with a beautiful energy that serves as a reminder that we are not just a physical entity. We are much more than that- a soul that is on a journey that traverses one’s lifetime. 

The eighth planet of our solar system also enables us to see time as it really is- an illusion. It sheds light on life- which is nothing more than a folding and unfolding of moments that don’t have an ending or beginning.

The energy from the planet, therefore, is so dreamy that it provides the canvas for some intuitive, and creative work. In fact, one could utilize this energy for exploring way deeper states of human consciousness. But we must remind everyone that this energy isn’t the best for making practical decisions. 

Now, while Neptune shrouds us in its dreamy veil, it has the ability to cloud our judgment-making skills. This, as we might have guessed already, will make it difficult for us to look at things with distinct and unbiased clarity.

The energy of Neptune doesn’t honestly favor us making any concrete decisions. The energy doesn’t want to pass judgment on our actions. Interestingly, it doesn’t want us to do the same too- for it can’t commit to something whole-heartedly. The energy, after all, knows that everything around is simply an illusion- and not a reality.

We can understand- such a thought process can make it too difficult for anyone to survive properly- as they would also be looking to move through the physical world that we exist in. As the receivers of such energy, it is important for us to think about the tangible too- even when the energy of Neptune is too strong to bear. 

Is The Energy Too “Dreamy”?

The energy of Neptune can be thought to be similar to walking around blindly in the dark. You will have to tread with caution, for there is a high possibility that you might lose your way. Walk slowly, and walk surely- else everything is for naught.

The energy of the planet will also bring about a trigger release from reality and the desire to escape from this earthly realm. This would include doing activities such as binge-watching movies, meditation, but it could also lead to addiction and substance abuse- if we are not careful.

On the whole, one should use the energy that this week would provide to help stretch your intuitive skills. It would also be prudent to work on some of our creative projects- while tapping into the love that we all possess inside us. 

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