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Who’s Dumah, The Angel Of Silence?

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by Conscious Reminder

Dumah, who is also called Douma or Duma, is actually the angel of silence. The meaning of his name in the Aramaic groups of languages is “silence.”

Moreover, his name’s meaning depicts what duty he has. Despite being the angle of silence, it is also one of stillness of death.

However, he has a lot of titles and duties, and one such title is The Prince of Hell.

Some other titles that Dumah has are Egypt’s tutelary angel, the angel of vindication, etc. Moreover, he is present just in the Babylonian and Jewish cultures.

Even though he is known as the Prince of Hell, Dumah isn’t a fallen angel. He actually does the duties which God gave him. One such duty is ensuring that all those people who are sinners are going to get their deserved punishment.

As he is the angel of stillness of death, Dumah is usually mentioned as forming part of the so-called Angels of Death. However, he doesn’t have any contact with death, except when those who died are going to hell.

Dumah is a powerful angel that brings vindication in our lives. Moreover, he is teaching us the significance of silence. He teaches us that silence is an excellent companion during meditation.

The presence of Dumah in some ancient texts.

In fact, the Zohar is mentioning the name of this angel. Moreover, it describes the duties that Dumah has. Hence, he has about tens of thousands of destruction angels under him.

Furthermore, Zohar’s ancient texts even mention Dumah as The Chief of Demons in Gehinnom (meaning Hell). There, he was 12,000 attendants under his control and command, and they have the responsibility to push sinners’ souls.

Dumah is also present in the Babylonian legend. There, he is a celestial guardian who is responsible for guarding the fourteenth gate.

In fact, there is one interesting tale related to Dumah in Talmud. This story tells that during Sabbath, even those who are sinners get a free day, in order to rest.

Hence, the sinners are released to wander around the earth. However, when the night comes, this angel herds the sinners back to Gehinnom or Hell.

Moreover, he releases dead people’s souls to earth every evening, during the first year after they died.

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