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How To Keep Yourself Grounded In Busy Urban Places

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You want to be successful, you to change the world, and you would love to work towards your goals.

But the only problem that is holding you back is that you only have 24 hours to work with. Which is nearly not enough time to tend to those million tasks that you have.

All of this work crammed into the meager 24 hours definitely takes its toll on you and your overall well-being.

Grounding yourself can be very useful to stay on top of everything and not let anything pull you down. It is a useful activity that anyone can benefit from. Here are 5 ways to ground yourself and be the best you can be:

1. Start Your Mornings By Giving Yourself Five Minutes

The first 15 minutes after waking up are a vital period of time to set your mind up for the day. But it has become a usual habit to check our phones as soon as we wake up. It’s true that you would definitely want to know if that promotion is yours, or if your date liked you.

But the first 5 minutes spent wisely can do many wonders for you. If you feel convinced, just do these 5 things:

Minute 1 – Think of all that you are grateful for. Even the fact you woke up safe and sound.

Minute 2 – Think of all that you want to achieve in the day.

Minute 3 – Affirm things to support your objectives. They will program your hidden mind and erase any beliefs that hold you back.

Minute 4 – Take a deep breath and meditate. Let your attachments, expectations, and stress melt away. These five minutes are yours and yours only.

Minute 5 – Drink water with high vibes.

2. Provide Your Body The Nutrition It Needs

The food which enters your body affects everything, including your mind. So healthy food ensures a healthy and sound mind. Binging on coffee or junk might seem acceptable. But you should remember that these cost or time-saving alternatives are doing you a lot of harm in the long run.

Take time and inculcate more vegetables and water into your diet. You can try snacking on fruits when you’re hungry for a light snack.

3. Let Nature Flow Into You

This incredibly simple, yet surprisingly effective method can work wonders for you. Just place your bare feet onto sand, rock, soil, or grass.

This will enable you to feel linked to Mother Earth and bring that universal energy into your body and heart.

4. Practice Meditating Even At Odd Places

If you meditate in the morning, that is amazing! But taking just 30 seconds here and there during your day to meditate is going to help you focus and be more productive.

5. Make Sure Your Soul Is Also Fed

It is very easy to overlook nurturing your souls in your super busy and productivity-oriented life. This can lead to you feeling worthless, empty, disillusioned, and burnt-out.

These two suggestions might be useful to you:

1. Take time for yourself: Do an activity which truly makes you happy and at ease. Even if it for small periods of time, just take this time to fill up that store of good energy for yourself. The only requirement is, this must make you happy deep down in your soul.

2. Read books which speak to you: Read anything which truly nurtures your spirit. Just keep in mind that magazines and profession-related books will not be appropriate. Identify something which will broaden your personality and truly develop your perspective of the world. This activity will not only enrich your personality but also help you to relax. 

These suggestions, even one of them can be quite useful for all of us. Just make sure you take care of yourself so that you can see the world like you always imagined.

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