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Awakening In This Physical Existence

by consciousreminder
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by Samantha Hayden
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

In light of awakening in physical existence, I wanted a way to comprehend in physical reality what we as spiritual beings are trying to achieve by being here now and more than likely many lifetimes before, put together in a way of the logical thinking and the spiritual aspects of self.

Understanding that without both aspects working in conjunction with one another we would have no alternate perspectives, but what we are told, therefore being controlled and led away from who we truly are.

There would be no way to know we have free thinking and no way of seeing we exist in unity, as a collective. However, hopefully by now, we have a mutual respectful agreement of our own personal discernment, and the acceptance of others truths, even if it is in accordance to agree to disagree, we must have the ability of forgiveness of self and of others, whilst here having an experience.

Also having unconditional love for all, including self. To have the settings we must understand we are all contributing to and for each other in the physical, whether good or bad to assist each soul to eventually be free, of what seems like an induced coma of lifetimes, a sleep paralysis where our brain thinks we are awake but our body doesn’t respond, or even vice versa.

In my perspective, we are synchronizing our non-physical selves with our physical selves, and we are learning to do it by way of our own free will.

This is the trinity year so I asked myself what are the three aspects we have here to work with right now, in a combination of logical and spiritual foresight and I thought, Mind, Body, and Soul, hence why I put together below my perspective of how I better understand in a physical reality, how the three broken down, into three parts are working together infinitely as one.

Please read with an open mind and heart. Like I said it’s my own truth as I understand it in the now moment, and hopefully help some who are trying to also understand.

1. What is BODY:

The combination of all parts of a physical system that communicates what we are feeling and experiencing though 5 main senses in the now moment, in constant communication with the mind while in physical form. Physical feeling is then processed in the mind from past memory recall or develop a new construct experience/ new memory. A constant back and forth reaction to action, and action to reaction response.

2. What is MIND:

The physical system within the body where all communication is translate, studied and stored on pathways. Working in conjunction with the body to create a physical reality, connecting the pathway that communicates through another pathway we call the 6th sense, our intuition, to a fractal of the soul (apart of the whole of our consciousness) to better understand what is being experienced in this physical lifetime, that then translates to a belief system we have in our heart. The truth we believe in this now moment. It is in constant communication with the body and soul while in the physical.

3. What is SOUL: 

The heart center of our universe. The energy, frequency that supplies the physical mind and body the power and strength to survive in the physical. Our divinity, consciousness the source of all gathered fractals, brought together into a unified non-physical that make up the oneness of our truth of who we are.

The infinite creator.

How I see it, is in this physical existence, one could not function without the full support of the other. It shows me why it’s so important to do the work on our selves within.

If we all had our own understanding of the unity of the three, and the levels of consciousness that exist above us and really awaken to new thought constructs, that no-one is responsible or in control of what we think and feel and that we are in total control of everything we do, we don’t need to be saved, we are our own saviors, then maybe we as humanity will finally someday be free.

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