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These 10 Things Will Tell If You Are A Light Worker

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we will feel like we have to reach people out in order to take their pain away. Maybe we also hope to change this world and even spread peace, light, and love.

Sometimes, we may feel the need of touching people in order to share our love and light energy with them.

Sometimes, we even feel people’s hurt, sadness, and anger or other emotions which we would like to heal. This could mean that we are oversensitive or we are lightworkers. This is a gift that many people have. This world needs to have more such people. 

Here are the ten signs indicating that we are lightworkers:

Sometimes, we will feel like outsiders.

We do not always fit quite well during social gatherings, and that depends on what those gatherings are. We feel happier with people who are like-minded. People are always going to either feel afraid of us or love us. The ones who are afraid of us will do that because they are afraid of our gift, as it is something that they do not really understand.

We smile at everyone.

Usually, we are always smiling. Also, we smile when we pass others on the streets, regardless of the fact if we know them or they are strangers. We glow and radiate friendship and love and smiling forms part of our beautiful package.

We genuinely care for and love all creatures and beings on this planet.     

There will not be prejudice or judgment. We feel strong and powerful love connection to every single thing which is undeniable. We have warm hearts, which are full of appreciation and love.

We probably do not have some regular job.

Healers or lightworkers usually make this gift their own source of finances, using any method that they can. In fact, many of them are Reiki masters, card readers, or spiritual counselors. They are working on their schedules, and the work they do is not their job, but their passion.

Shielding is our everyday activity.

In the world which is full of negativity, hate, and anger, we usually find our area shielding ourselves from the blackness. We know just how we can shield, and we are ready to do that in the notice of a moment. In fact, it is really something we do in order to protect our souls and hearts from toxicity.

Animals and people gravitate to us.

They are going to feel our love and our aura, so they would like to spend time around us, with us or near us. This warm, love feeling is safe for them. However, many lightworkers do not feel safe, but their love and aura will bring a sense of safety and calm immediately to others.

Healing is in the first place in our lives.

We sincerely desire to help and heal anyone that we meet who really needs healing. It is our number one talent, and we love it when we use it. In fact, it comes naturally for us, and as a result of that, we enjoy it, and we give it with unbelievable love.

We are gifted writers, speakers, counselors, and singers.

Our words and messages come right from our heart, and their purpose is to heal. We do that passionately and without any effort. Our gift comes from profound inside our soul and heart.

Solitude will also be ok.

We don’t really mind spending time alone. We love our alone time just like we love our time healing, being around other people, and helping. Our time spent in solitude is for us to think about our lives and recharge our soul and spirit.

We had an angelic experience.

With opening our minds and hearts, we can all have angelic experiences. Our angels are always going to be here to protect, love, guide, and support us. We simply need to call on them, and connect with them, as they would like to be related to us.

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