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It Will Take You Only 5 Minutes Before Bedtime To Do This Energy Cleansing Ritual

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to make sure that we are setting ourselves up for good sleep at night, we always have to cleanse our energies right before we lie down and close our eyes.

Although many people never do this, we should all do it, and we may experience great benefits from it.

This may be helpful if we are constantly waking up during the night, and we never get the profound rest that we need.

Cleansing our energy fields before we go to sleep may promote positivity, or keep us from thinking about some stressful things in our everyday lives.

Although we all cleanse in our ways, we can put our twists on one specific ritual which is going to help us be more at peace and relaxed when we wake up every morning.

It would be significant to cleanse our energies right before we go to sleep so that we will not carry anything into our dreams with us that is going to promote some negativities into our lives.

Below, we will talk about the ritual many people use every night in order to cleanse themselves, and the tips they noticed are beneficial when it comes to it. Doing this ritual for a longer time will provide us with greater benefits.

Those who were doing it for months claimed that they were more content and rested when they wake up every day than they were in their past. In fact, energy work is something that we should all try and educate ourselves on that subject.

Here is the 4-step ritual, lasting five minutes, which should we do before bedtime in order to cleanse our energies:

Step 1: We should get comfortable.

We have to ensure that our bed is the place we find comfortable. When our mattress is quite painful, we will never have the ability to settle in. We have to ensure that we have pillows which we like and have the ability to feel relaxed and at ease right when we get into our bed too.

Step 2: We have to pay more attention to our breathing.

We should breathe deeply and permit ourselves to relax. We should then sit in our bed just like we are meditation, and then do simply that. We should close our eyes, clearing our mind, and really permitting ourselves to simply drift away too.

Step 3: Imagination.

While we are still in our meditative state, we should imagine how some white light is coming towards us from within our body. With the use of the eyes of our mind, we should permit the light to simply radiate from our inside, pushing out every negative thing, and holding us back. The white light will force out everything that was probably holding our dreams self-hostage.

Step 4: We should let things go.

When we are already doing the ritual for several minutes, we have to make ourselves aware that we let go of everything that bothers us and that we intend to simply get a night of good sleep, so that our mind and body are going to become stronger. After sending an additional pulse of light, we should permit ourselves to just settle down again. From here, we are allowed to go to bed.

The ritual will not take us long, but only 5, or even fewer minutes. When we are doing this frequently, we will become more cleansed. The best way to cultivate more proper fields of energy would be to shift from one means to another.

This way of cleansing ourselves before bed is something more than a lot of people overlook. When we feel like the whole world is simply against us, the chances are that we have to take into consideration our fields of energy. We are the result of everything we permit in front of us. We should simply promote positivity so that it is going to find us.

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