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How The Law Of Attraction Works: To Grow A Tree You Need To Plant A Seed First

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people in the world complain that they have problems with the Law of Attraction, saying that it doesn’t work at all.

Disbelievers will try it only to say that they tried it, while skeptics will start practicing it just to give up several days or weeks later. However, even believers will give up or also become doubters as they tried it, but it wasn’t working for them.

In this modern world of fast delivery, people will get impatient even when their desires aren’t manifested within several weeks, they will give up more quickly then they are supposed to.

Here, we are going to present the secret to the Law of Attraction:

We should take baby steps.

Taking baby steps means just that. When we are thinking of our desire on a daily basis, the coming of ideas to us about how we can attain our desire will be inevitable; however, that is the natural part related to solving problems. When we think about certain things more, we will have better chances of solving our problems. This also applies to our desires. When we think of our desires more, there are going to be more ideas coming on our mind about attaining them.

We might only need to take about 100 small steps in order to attain our desire, or we might need to take more step, 10,000 for example, and the point here is taking steps every day. Taking just one step every day means that in one week, we are going to be seven steps apart from the person that didn’t take any step at all.

We should let our seeds grow.

When we have the needed passion for our desire and we are taking some action on a daily basis, we are not supposed to worry constantly that it will not come quickly enough, and there isn’t a point in believing or thinking that it will never happen. This will be useless, and it will not work. We simply have to keep going forward and also watch the final results.

Here is the problem related to the Law of Attraction:

In fact, the real problem associated with the Law of attraction will be that it actually sounds like the new age crap or a religion.

There are many speakers for personal development out there who are talking about this same thing and are using the identical language which, in fact, smacks of the religion, seeming like they try to brainwash people.

But, we should not worry about what all that sounds like unless it works properly. We will see the results for ourselves, and we know that it works. We should try and even help every person that wants to hear and learn about it.

We should give our seeds some time in order to grow, and our desire is going to be sprout eventually. In fact, this is going to lead us to plant some other seeds. Very soon, we are going to have our farmyard which will be full of wishes and desires.

We should clear the blockages.

There are going to be times when we are going to block our desire’s progress by being passive and inactive or thinking negatively about it.

This is the process’ natural part; however, it will also be the time when many people will give up.

We should imagine how we give up on our children only because they go through hard stages. Well, this should never happen, regardless of the situation. This will be true to our desires, and we should never really give up on those desires.

We should always think that they are going to happen. We should take small steps on a daily basis, and our desire is going to come.

Although there are going to be times when nothing will seem like happening, we have to trust and have faith. We have to continue taking action too.

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