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What It Means When A Full Moon Rises In The Fiery Sagittarius

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by Conscious Reminder

As we have all probably noticed, our moon appears a bit bigger every night, meaning that the June Full Moon rapidly approaches.

Full Moons always have their own meanings: they are generally the time when our emotions are higher than before, or when some kind of closure happens.

However, every Full Moon means something different, depending on the sign in which it happens – and each month, it is going to rise in an entirely new sign.

In fact, the upcoming Full Moon will rise in the sign of Sagittarius, a sign recognizable for being energetic, free-spirited, and adventurous.

So, what it means when the Full Moon happens in this sign? Or, more significantly, how will that affect us?

Just like other Full Moons, the upcoming one will be the roller coaster of emotions; however, it may be more than that. Things will be quite more emotional and intense than usual, as this Full Moon will be conjunct with its ruler, the planet Jupiter.

We will not just feel every feeling, but we will also express them. This may be bad or good: we do not really want to say something that we are going to regret; however, we also do not want to hold back entirely.

We should simply be cautious and careful about what we say, particularly knowing about the extra energy which comes.

We could even feel quite more intuitive during the Full Moon than we usually do. As Sagittarius is an enthusiastic sign, we will be searching truth in every single thing – we would like to express all that too.

Sagittarius’s fiery energy will provide us with the needed courage, in order to be sincere and honest with other people and with ourselves too. It will provide us with the confidence that we need in order to face our own truths, and keep moving ahead.

While definitely feeling the positive energies coming from the sign of Sagittarius, it will not all be colored pink. This Sagittarius Full Moon, while bringing optimism, will also force us to release past trauma.

To grow into the individual we always wanted, we have to utilize our wisdom, and release situations which are with low vibes, and which are in return will ignite the whole passion for all of us to actually live completely on higher energies.

This will basically be the time to think about the things we would like to release before we actually move in the following lunar cycle or the following life stage.

We have to remember that Full Moons are always the period of release or periods for wrapping everything up.

It is the lunar cycle’s end, and it signifies the start of another lunar cycle, so rather than thinking of all this as the period of doing something new, we should think about it as the period of stepping away from everything that wasn’t serving us during the past several weeks, or even months.

This will permit us to actually wrap up what we started during the New Moon lunar cycle, and keep moving towards the New Moon lunar cycle of the following month too. Having Sagittarius’s energy behind us, this will definitely be doable.

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