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Sagittarius Full Strawberry Moon June 17th: Transformation Of Your Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

On 17th June, the Full moon will fall in Sagittarius, the fiery sign. It is also called the Strawberry moon.

The reason is simple – the powers of intuition that we have is starting to ripen up. It is time for me to harvest whatever we gathered.

Transformation is coming upon us. What do we do to make the transformation successful? We pick the right intentions. Changes are floating in the air – time to pick the right path.

The Full Moon in June will be an amicable one. It is not as ‘affecting’ as the Full Moon that we had at the beginning of this year.

There’s a reason for that. We are quarter-in following the astrology calendar, and mid-way to the end of 2019, if you consider the calendar year. Moving fast, isn’t it? It’s now or never – we have to stay put in the present time.

Our soul and heart are filled with light and love. All we need to do is get out of the darkness and enter the light.

You can always start small – a tiny candle flame is enough to bright light in a dark room. Just be a small beam of light and send it to the cosmos – it will work out well.

The Full Moon is also taking place during Father’s Day. Father, in this case, could mean the Heavenly Father. Now, who is a father?

A father acts as a guide – a teacher who loves the children a lot that he would go through the pains of saying ‘no’ and sacrifice seeing the look of happiness on his children’s eyes. He knows the right path is not easy and it is full of sacrifices, however painful it might be.

The Heavenly Father works in a similar way. We often blame God when things are not going in the way we want it to, but maybe that’s the right thing suited for us. God is setting us on the right path – even though we don’t know it yet.

In the Algonquin Tribe, this Full Moon is called the Strawberry Moon because it indicates the ripening season. Plus, in Europe, it was called the Full Rose Moon or the Honey Moon. Sounds familiar? That’s one of the reasons why June is a wedding month.

The color of the Full Moon is a bit yellowish. It’s the reason why the word ‘honeymoon’ got created. The sweetness of a wedding is equated with the sweetness of honey.

The sweetness wanes too, like the waxing and waning of the moon. Plus, strawberries are picked during this period – so, a bit of extra romance would be great.

This time, you can engage in a bit of decluttering too. It will help you when you embark on a spiritual journey. Clear up the space of your house and of your office. Free up some space. It will help by bringing in a lot of energy too.

Full Moons are the time we connect to our Great Spirit. Let this energy flow through you.

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