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What’s The Emotional Meaning Behind The Sagittarius Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

This Full Moon is all about finding a balance within yourselves, and the person you aspire to be. For a Full Moon is a symbol of completion. Every idea that you had since the new Moon has resulted in something now.

The Sun and the Moon are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and they are guiding your spiritual journey across time and space. While there is always a practical and astrological significance of a Full Moon, one cannot let go of the emotional experience too.

It helps us find inner peace within ourselves and our surroundings. As the Sun places itself in Gemini, the Moon deposits itself in Sagittarius. And these symbolize for us the map to our destination, and the destination itself.

To put it simply, you would see the rewards for what you reaped all the way back on December 7, 2018, New Moon – the corresponding Moon to this one. What have you obtained? And the more important, who are you as a human now?

As the Full Moon comes into the sky in the late hours of June 17, we will once again be reminded to go beyond what is considered average and seek knowledge for our own. We would be urged to learn, to understand, and to use that knowledge in order to study the greater good.

Sagittarius is one such zodiac which loves to be adventurous in its dealings with life. It plans on spreading love and positivity throughout.

But its ruler Jupiter wouldn’t be as happy during this period. Let it be said, that the very presence of Jupiter has given Sagittarius the optimism and prosperity to spread and share the joy around. So, what goes awry this time?

So, Jupiter is in retrograde. And as we know, Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, even more so when in retrograde. You would be restless and tired of waiting, and Jupiter would simply be exacerbating it.

Also, it would square in with Neptune which gives rise to illusions. It will cloud your judgment if you are not careful. It knows no boundaries, so anything will be confusing to you. The lunar energy heightens everything after all.

The Emotional Significance Of The Full Moon

Now, it is easy to get in the mix of all this confusion but think for a second. Although Neptune is all about illusions and fog, it still is a symbol of our faith, and how to not let go of what we are looking at.

For, it is this faith that is going to lead you to your dreams and aspirations. At the end of it all, you are simply going to wonder where your life is heading towards, and what you could do, to get it back on track. For both, Neptune and Jupiter are idealists, who dare to dream.

You can achieve success if you so desire. The keyword is, you need to desire it. You need to not look at the rail on the window. The sun shining brightly outside.

For opportunities would come again and again. You need to put your foot high up in the air and bring it down on what you want. Be steadfast and be strong. The time will be yours for the seizing.

Carpe Diem!

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