What It Means To Attain Moksha

by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever heard about Moksha? What does it represent? Simply said, Moksha represents a release.

Moksha is the release from our doubts, our feeling inferior, arrogance, and jealousy. Maybe, the most important release is from our believing that there is actually God out there, and he is separate from us. We are tapped in our God, and we have an inextricable connection. We think that every person in this world would want Moksha, it really sounds wonderful.

A lot of people around this world work in different spiritual traditions, becoming better enlightened and more aware, in order to move in the state of Moksha. Moksha is where every struggle is ending, and everything is flowing to some mental places where everything is feeling right.

However, many people also get frustrated, particularly with themselves, right when they aren’t able to reach the Moksha state. They will ask themselves if there is something wrong with them, why they cannot do it, or why they cannot be in this particular state constantly.

It is going to be lovely if we had the capacity to live in such a state all the time. We were living in it constantly, but that was when we were actually born. Every soul, before its birth on the planet Earth, is in the state called “Natural Moksha.” Right after leaving their physical bodies, people return to the Natural Moksha.

When souls acquire their bodies, they are in the Non-Moksha state. While Moksha is the state of pure souls, this one would be a state of the minds. When we were born, our souls were superimposed by minds.

Here, on the planet Earth, our souls shift between Moksha, the heavenly peace right where everything is feeling right, and the Non-Moksha, the feeling of being disconnected. We feel unsafe, and we worry. We feel confused and lost, and we feel dissatisfied with our lives.

Such feelings of doubting, of being confused and lost, low-vibe, are simply written inside us. They are part of being a human being. If we were feeling ashamed for not being able to reach this state, it would be time to let everything go.

Of course, Moksha is something empowering. But, the so-called Non-Moksha may also be empowering. We have all had times in our lives, which were quite hard, and we were suffering emotionally and mentally.

But, later on, we managed to come out stronger, and we learned many lessons. From those experiences on, we are better people. That is actually the power and beautify of the Non-Moksha.

Right before we came to this world, while we were living in Moksha, we decided to actually come to our planet, although we knew that we are going to lose our Moksha state. We also knew that we would struggle between the Moksha and the Non-Moksha.

Also, we knew that there are going to be quite hard periods, periods of suffering. However, we still decided to be here. We did so as we saw how beautiful life was, in all that messiness and complexity.

All the choices that we made were based on our wisdom. The choices were also growth-oriented ones. We weren’t trying to hurt or harm ourselves or others, but simply to provide all those needed conditions for growth. Before we were born, looking at our options about coming to Earth or not, knowing everything that we are going to suffer, we said yes.

Souls don’t come to Earth as they are forced to do so. Souls don’t come to Earth as another being simply wanted them to. In fact, they come as they really want to. Every single thing is dictated and self-chosen.

We all need our Non-Moksha, and our souls simply submit to it. Although it would not always be comfortable, we will accept it. It is usually distinctly uncomfortable, and it is chaotic and messy at times. Also, it may be scary or deeply painful.

However, it would be worth the pain.

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