4 Signs That Indicate You Are A Transcendental Hero

by Conscious Reminder

A Transcendental Hero ’s power lies, both, outside and within the confines of society.

They are different from most of us, because they have the power to both put up a façade of a cultural hero without any effort, and then discard the persona when the work is done.

They become heroes by self-overcoming their problems, while their acts always have meaning in them. Their acts are informative enough about what a hero truly is.

Here are 4 reasons why you might actually be a Transcendental Hero.

You Utilise Both The Inner And The Outer Worlds Creatively

You are always on the verge of putting up a bridge between a human soul and nature, and you do that by exploring the inner world in an attempt to break the shackles over the inner self in an authentic version of the outer world.

The way you express yourself creatively is a sign of the forces that created your very existence, and which would also be at the forefront of change. This would give you the strength to manipulate the extremely delicate cultural system and therein broaden the horizons.

Your Awareness Of The Self Is A Bridge Between Spirituality And Science

You are cosmic in your existence, and you are attempting to make sense of your identity. You do realize that human consciousness is quite predictably man’s harshest barrier.

You are both scientific and spiritual in your dealings with this Earth- carefully balancing out both the human soul and the cosmos. You are all about interrogating yourself, which brings forward notions of spiritual initiation.

It helps your individuated ego, on the verge of reconciling with the aspects of death, further into self-actualization.

Broken Away From Assumptions Placed Culturally

You remain on the fringes, making meaning out of things most people don’t understand. Just like the God Prometheus, you have the courage to steal valuable knowledge that is simply presented to the Keepers, and share it with your compatriots.

All in an endeavor to develop your society as a whole. You don’t like being in a comfort zone. You live your life on your terms.

Codependence Transcendence

You have freed yourself from being trapped into the society’s mindless status quo. This has resulted in your gaining the Philosopher’s stone, forever keeping you away from what’s routine.

This has led to you gaining the ability to go forward, thereby moving away from a position of interdependence and codependence inside a culture, to independence outside it.

To ensure that both the cosmos and the culture remain healthy, you have finally attained interdependence with everything around you.

You soul has brought in coagulation of the opposites, all the world maintaining an equilibrium between the forces of self-as-world and the forces of world-as-self.

So, do you see yourself as a Transcendental Hero?

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