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Reawaken Your Hidden Superpowers

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by Conscious Reminder

In medieval Europe, a concept was propounded by European monks. It was called the great chain of being.

It stated that there was a linkage of life starting from God down to the most inanimate of objects, like trees, rocks and stones. Man, among all things living was considered the highest of beings.

And it makes sense too, to be honest. Man had been made, in all mythologies, equal to God and in his image. As a result, it was man, who again and again found opportunities to be blessed by the grace of the Godhead.

But like all good things, man too has lost contact with his spirit and soul, the manifestations of Godhead in his own mortal body. Hindus even have a word for it: “Kali-Yuga”, the age when man lost contact with God, and became sinful enough for God to be unable to come to him, in his most divine form.

What is the lesson from this story however? Is it that all hope is lost, of making one exalted enough to transcend the chains of this mortal birth and become one with the creator?

Actually not. Because, the creator never abandoned us and he has never torched the bridges that connected us with him. As a matter of fact, even the fatalistic Hindu scriptures that say we live in a cursed age when there is no direct contact from God; say that there are ways to bridge the gap with the creator further.

Vows of silence

Called the ‘maun-vrat’ in Sanskrit, even Mahatma Gandhi was a practitioner of this unique sacrifice. The secret is solitude and silence. It is believed that unnecessary sound, especially coming from one’s own self not only makes one’s mind blunter, but also makes one senile over the time.

Practitioners make use of their time by meditating in solitude and using gesticulation and gestures to make their absolutely bare minimum needs known to others. This is supposed to give your mind and body time to recuperate and your spiritual energy, which resides at the base of your spine, time to move upwards towards your brain.

This snake-like movement of said energy is a symbol for man moving upwards towards his creator too. Its snake-like movement has made it known as the mythical snake, kundalini.

When it reaches your pineal gland, which according to Hindu belief is the site of man’s third eye, it makes you truly awake to the world around you and the heavens above you.

In Mahayana Buddhism it is known as “the no-method”. The secret is to truly do nothing. Not laze around – It means to detach yourself from the day-to-day cares of your mortal existence. This frees up your brain and soul to the wonders of the Universe’s energies. These are liberating energies that will free up the serpent Kundalini and help it on its path upwards.

Meditation and charity are the keys

Awakening is painful and jerky because your body is forced out of existence and shoved into it again. It is a process of spiritual rebirth and growth and none of those things can ever come easy to someone mortal.

Meditation is the great equaliser. It makes the body and soul reach a state where a change that profound is but a meagre prick of a needle. It creates a safe shield around you as you prepare to activate kundalini and make it move up to your third eye.

The only thing that comes close to this act, in real practice, is charity. Charity is too a great equaliser. Give away as much as you can to people who need it.

Come down and join the great brotherhood of humanity, in order to be noticed by the creator.


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