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Are You Dating An Emotionally Damaged Man? Look For These Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

We all experience different things throughout our lives, but when talking about men, most of them aren’t the best at talking about their pains and struggles.

The chances are that he has not opened himself up about this particular part of his life; however, this does not mean that he does something wrong.

Usually, men that are considered ‘broken’ do not realize that they are ‘broken’ at all. Every one of us has issues, and we deal with such issues in our own specific ways.

Below, we will discuss some things which a lot of us probably noticed throughout our time being with broken men, or even what helped build them up instead of force them down.

Here are the twelve signs that the man we are dating is a broken one:

1. He has a lack of confidence.

When our man is entirely broken down, he will have his confidence broken down too. He is going to feel that he is unable and inadequate to please. Usually, he feels like all women that want to be with him deserves much better.

2. He is more controlling than other men.

In fact, broken men lack something within, so as a result of this, they spend their time in finding a sense of control. Such sense of control usually ends up in controlling other people. We should make sure that we aren’t a toy in his hands.

3. He distances himself from us without being aware of it.

When a person is hurt, he or she will do everything to cut himself or herself off from other people. While we might not notice the signs, or he might also not know that he does that, distancing himself is his simple way of ensuring that he will not get hurt once again. He might even cut ties entirely.

4. He usually refuses to give his best.

Being with a broken person may be frustrating as while we come all the way and give our best, he or she does not do that. They just hold back and operate from somewhere standing still. They don’t want to give more as they don’t also want to lose the little they actually have left.

5. He is giving up easily.

When he is giving up easily, it means that a lot of people let him down in life. When he was let down consistently, it became easier for him just to accept things. When something does not work, he simply stops. The act of giving up will be something broken men are good at.

6. He has a problem with letting the things go.

Those men that were broken usually hold onto something they are not supposed to too intensely. Also, when something occurs, they will dwell on that thing for as much as they can, and the thing may drive a quite dangerous wedge between us.

7. He is a really cautious person.

Because of everything that he experienced, he does not simply dive into new things. In fact, he is cautious like no one else as he knows that losing all that you believed you had is really painful.

8. He opts to spend time alone when something bothers him.

A broken man concerns in how he deals with his emotions. He doesn’t often talk about that. When something happens in his life and gets under his skin, he closes himself off and faces everything alone.

9. He does not provide others with second chances.

In fact, if we make mistakes when we date a man that is broken, that will be the ending of everything. This means that he is not going to give us a second chance. We will get only one chance. Hurting him means that he won’t like to be with us again.

10. He does not like to talk about the past.

When it comes to talking about the past, he does not want to do so. He isn’t willing to open himself up or let others know everything he went through. Every problem that he has is only his, and he doesn’t want to share too.

11. He doesn’t trust easily.

A broken man will not trust freely and easily. If we want his trust, we need to try harder and earn it. We can’t simply come in his life and expect him to open up in front of us. Like most of the things with a broken man, this is also going to take a great time.

12. He always compares himself with others.

As a result of everything that he faced in life, he always compares himself with other people. He does not believe that he is actually good for anyone, so, as a result of that, he always seeks to realize where he is standing.

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