6 Unintentional Mistakes You Do That Can Ruin Your Relationship

by Conscious Reminder

There are many relationships which do not last for long. You may have gone through such a relationship and the wounds are still hurting. However, like every failure in life, failing relationships also carry an important lesson.

Sometimes, we tend to overlook these small ‘problems’ because they seem so harmless and tiny. However, unless we accept these wrongs and implement certain changes in our lives, it will be impossible for us to sustain in any future relationships.

These are some of the small mistakes that we often, unintentionally, commit in a relationship:

1. To Be Not At Fault

The first problem in a relationship is when you lack personal responsibility. When there is a problem in a relationship, there is a chance that both people are directly or indirectly at some fault. Maybe you were too consumed with your friends that your partner took a back seat. Or you did not take enough time with developing yourself in a relationship. Whatever be the case, do not fling the blame on someone else – sometimes, you should look inwards and find where you might be wrong as well.

2. Everything Else Becomes A Priority

It’s always great to have family and friends in the same city where you are with your partner. It’s healthy to sometimes have a friend’s night out or an evening party with just your family. But don’t get too consumed by your family and friends such that your partner becomes invisible to you. You should try to balance it out – make your partner a priority too. Also, in recent times, social media addiction has reached such heights that people ignore their partner to engage in the lives of others. Turn off your phone and live a real ‘love’ life with your partner.

3. Taking People For Granted

Sometimes, when you are in a relationship, you can get too comfortable about it. You stop working on the relationship. Once you get a partner, you stop appreciating them or appreciating the little things they do for you. You might even end up assuming something sinister in your partner’s intent and accuse them of it, without trying to clarify the real reason. In a way, you take your partner and their actions for granted, and trust us, they can feel it when you do that.

4. Trying To Force Your Opinion On Your Partner

When you are entering a relationship, it is always best to ask and know what the core beliefs of your partner are so that you know that you stand on the same footing. However, since both of you are unique people, there will be differences of opinion. Don’t question their opinion or force your opinion on them. It is not fair for them as everyone has the right to their own opinion.

5. No Communication

Lack of communication can quickly turn a happy relationship into a miserable relationship. Communicating your problems and your appreciations, your desires and your dreams is the key to any relationship. If you are finding it hard to communicate, then listen to your heart and say it. Plus, don’t shut down your partner if they are communicating by making personal attacks.

6. Lack Of Sex

Sex may not be the only thing that sustains a relationship, but it is an important thing! If you and your partner don’t have sex regularly, you are ignoring your physical needs and that could turn a relationship sour quickly. Also, if your partner wants to improve your sex life, then listen to it and try to cooperate.

7. Making You Complete

Your partner cannot make you complete. You should work on yourself and make yourself an evolved person. Don’t pressurize your partner with such a huge burden. You can only expect support from them. 

You can correct these wrongs if you want. Start working on them and it can do wonders for your current or next relationship!

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