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Weekly Horoscope For The 18th – 24th September

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by The AstroTwins: Ophira and Tali Edut

Let’s all return to modesty, shall we?

# Aries Weekly Horoscope

Is that you, Aries, contracting your core muscles (and fogging up the windows) in the hot Pilates studio? If wellness goals haven’t topped your fall agenda yet, they soon may. On Tuesday, September 19 Venus heads into Virgo and your sixth house of healthy living. There, she’ll flip on your radiant heat until October 14. Hedonistic impulses that have dogged you since late August will no longer overrule your willpower. This Venus cycle inspires you to get back on the wagon and treat your body like the temple it is. Your sign loves a challenge, but pleasure-seeking Venus is anti-pain. Find a workout that actually feels fun, maybe one with a competitive element, like cycling or a vigorous dance class. Since you bore easily, look for teachers who change their playlists and sequences often. Since Venus is the planet of romance, you might apply a similar philosophy to the game of love. Single Rams should make qualities like “lives a healthy lifestyle” and “is grounded and well groomed” top-tier criteria. As within, so without, right? Your odds of being treated well go up exponentially when you pick partners who take great care of themselves. Coupled Rams might hop on the wellness wagon together. When you’re cooking a romantic dinner, make it Paleo or vegan and go for evening jogs in tandem before hunkering down to re-watch an older season of Game of Thrones.
A second salubrious surge arrives on Wednesday as 2017’s only new moon in Virgo helps you set goals in both the wellness and work arenas. In truth, the two aren’t “church and state.” Most modern-day peeps spend the majority of our waking hours in a professional setting. But there’s no reason to end each day feeling drained or demoralized. Boost vitality with small changes, like switching to a standing desk or a noon yoga class. Plan ahead with meal prep (or by gathering delivery menus) so you don’t detour to the fast food joints for your daily lunches. Does it feel like you’re in work mode 24/7? Set better boundaries around hours so your tasks don’t sprawl out into your supposed time off. Of course, that also means being more efficient when you ARE on the clock. Use apps—and perhaps a virtual assistant—to streamline and systematize your tasks. Let the office chatterbox know that you’re not available for drop-in conversations during business hours. You’ve got $#!% to get done! If a colleague has gotten into the habit of emailing you late at night or on weekends, schedule a sit-down and figure out a more efficient workflow. Have you been the egregious over-stepper, Aries? (Cough.) If you have a frenetic, all-hours work style, that’s fine. But save that inspired midnight message to drafts and send it out to the team in the morning! Seeking more gainful employment? Circulate! With charming Venus lending an assist, strategic socializing could churn up some easy—and glamorous—leads.
The Sun will also be in Virgo this workweek, ramping up your industrious groove. But on Friday, le Soleil is scheduled for a wardrobe change, switching from Virgo’s organic-cotton button-downs into Libra’s ruffled, romantic date-night dresses. Between now and October 23, these sunbeams will set your seventh house of partnerships ablaze with activity. Ditch the lone wolf routine and start casting for “attractive opposites” whose skill sets are complementary to your own. You may find that you NEED some backup, in fact. Libra is your opposite sign and when the life-giving Sun visits this realm each year, your personal energy stores tend to run lower. The people closest to you might even point out areas where you have “room for improvement.” Don’t storm away in a huff, Aries! See their courageous candor as a gift. A true friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Partnerships of all manner, from romance to finance, can strengthen from this diplomatic honesty—and grow more serious! Add an exclusivity clause, put a ring on it or figure out what the next level of the game is for the two of you. You may soon be Googling “sustainably designed engagement rings” or cruising real estate listings for office space to share with a new business partner.

# Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Lately, Taurus, it seems like everyone is relying on you for SOME basic need. But unless you birthed them, they’re going to have to take a number. Focusing on “me, myself and I” should be your priority starting this Tuesday, September 19 as your ruler, glamorous, amorous Venus, picks up steam with her agenda. Until October 14, she’ll be cruising through your fifth house of fame, flirtation and fashion-forward flamboyance. Step out of those low-lying areas and let yourself be seen! (And maybe not in yoga pants EVERY day?) Feel free to make a pit stop at the salon (or in wardrobe and styling) because the whole world feels like your runway for the next few weeks. Your social life—and your love life—are sure to see an uptick with Venus here. Get your name on a couple invite lists and you’ll quickly reclaim your rightful place among the cultural cognoscenti. Single Bulls might have some fresh arm candy to show off before mid-October. If you’re attached, Venus could get you ridiculously inspired to co-create, and that may span the range from redecorating your bedroom to getting sized for rings. The fifth house rules fertility, and “getting in the family way” could suddenly seem like a romantic idea. All Tauruses can harness Venus’ artistic and musical powers now, so pick up the tools of your creative trade and ply them!
Your champagne wishes and caviar dreams get another can-do boost on Wednesday, thanks to a new moon joining Venus in Virgo. Everywhere you look, you’ll see room for an upgrade—but that can also be a little bit of a problem for your luxe-loving sign. Though you’d love to live as if money were no object (and hey, maybe it isn’t), don’t let your sensible side go on sabbatical. This new moon is in fellow earth sign Virgo, after all. You can still get a rush from simple pleasures, like filling your house with verdant plants or splurging on a high-end bag that you can use every day instead of one or two special occasions. Romantically, this new moon brings a reset. Try a different dating app or, better yet, take a break from digital romance and get involved in extracurriculars where you stand a chance of meeting someone who shares your values and interests. Coupled Bulls can embark on a new chapter together, getting involved in a charitable cause or a group that is centered around self-improvement or spirituality. But back to YOU, Bull. This new moon nudges you into the public eye. Over the coming six months, you could make a noteworthy impact in the world and even attract a buzz from the media. Start putting energy into your passion (or platform) and think about visual presentation. We don’t need to tell your Venus-ruled sign that well-lit photos and sleek graphics will give your presentation the edge.
On Friday, your self-care mission takes a turn towards the healthier as the Sun marches into Libra and your wellness zone until October 23. Swap out the truffles for raw cacao—or maybe take a time out from sugar and other inflammation-producing food in the name of reigniting your inner glow. Your body will flourish from the clean, green love you bestow upon it. And don’t let cooling temps leave you in a sedentary slump! Scout out fitness studios with classes that sound fun—and arrive early so you can set your mat up in the front row for prime mirror views. Libra is the partnership sign, so having an “accountabili-buddy” can keep you on point. You won’t even notice that you biked ten miles as you pedal alongside your pal (or S.O.) on the trail. Don’t forget the less sexy but equally important aspects of wellness like adequate hydration and SLEEP! They’re the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, so make a conscious effort to carry a refillable water bottle with you daily and to turn off the Kardashians at least an hour before hitting the sack. This is also a good time for your annual check-ups and tune-ups with your doc. While you’re at it, schedule a few “preventive” treatments, like a detoxifying massage and chi-boosting acupuncture. Another reason to keep your engines running on clean fuel? Work is going to be busier and more demanding thanks to this solar-surge. With social Libra ruling this part of your chart, building up your network is essential. More evenings may be devoted to industry shindigs. You don’t have to stay all night (though you might), but making an appearance can create a sense of familiarity within your circle of influence. Polish your online profiles because people are bound to Google you after you hand them your card. If you’re happy at your current gig, set up a performance review and discuss growth opportunities. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the sixth house can always help you become more efficient. Spend a little time in the next month revamping your systems so you can work smarter, not harder.

# Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Desperately seeking…a spoonmate? Romance takes a turn for the cozier this Tuesday, September 19 when comfort-loving Venus nestles into your sentimental and domestic fourth house until October 14. Expert cuddling skills should be a prerequisite for anyone wishing to climb into your bed. If you’re not the type who can sleep wrapped up in someone’s arms, consciously create moments for TLC. Maybe a hand-in-hand evening stroll or some downtempo snuggle time before hitting the sack? (Best done with all digital devices out of reach.) If you don’t already live with your love interest, cohabitation may become a hot topic over the coming four weeks. And roll out the welcome mat for the decorating muse! Venus in DIY Virgo could turn your “maison” into a maker’s space—or at least the canvas for your creativity. If you’re the crafty type, make things by hand. Macrame planters or have a canning party to preserve delicious summer fruits. You could go total Prairie Home Companion on the world, no apologies! If you’re more of an enthusiast than an artisan, join a wine or book club or host a dinner party before October 14.
Your relationships with women will be another strong focus during this Venus phase. And thanks to Wednesday’s new moon in Virgo, you could meet some worthy candidates for a sister act. Circulate with women whose career (and life) trajectories complement your own. Already know some amazing women? Work with your synergies. Does one of your enterprising GFs have a business offering you could use? Test the waters by hiring her for a smaller gig or forming a one-off collab. You’ll see how your work styles mesh—without putting the friendship in jeopardy in case they don’t. Get back in touch with a female friend who fell off your radar (perhaps during August’s dicey Mercury retrograde). It’s time to extend the olive branch and patch things over. Life just feels better when she’s in it. If you’re in the market for a move, these moonbeams might speed up your search. Put your feelers out. Who knows? One friend might know of a vacant studio in her apartment building; another could be subletting her Craftsman while she works abroad for a few years. If you’re ready to buy property or put down more permanent roots, get pre-qualified for a mortgage and let the hunt begin. But remember, Gemini: location, location, location! You’re happiest in an area that has a thriving cultural scene, so even if the space is to die for, the thrill won’t last long if you feel socially isolated.
Should all this domestic chatter be giving you the willies, fear not, Gem. You’re not destined to become a total shut-in this fall—not by a long shot. On Friday, September 22 the Sun redirects its beams into Libra and your festive, flamboyant fifth house until October 23. You won’t need a hair and makeup team to turn you into a street blogger’s darling. Most Gems have a natural flair for fashion. But you might enjoy getting input from a pro stylist, or a friend who works in the industry since you could wake up one morning with the urge to change your whole look. Play with temporary transformations before doing anything permanent. Life is a costume party between now and October 23 and your tastes may fluctuate wildly by the minute. Gemini performers will get an epic boost from these sunbeams. Get thee to an audition, set up shows and gigs—and consider hiring a booking agent if you’re ready to go big. The fifth house is also associated with romance. While Venus has you covered in the “Netflix and chill” department, the Sun in Libra brings dress-up dates and marathon all-nighters on the town. Spark some controlled fires on Tinder or be forward and ask friends to fix you up. Not that you’ll need much help. You could meet your match while partying with friends or checking out a concert or museum exhibit. Don’t feel pressured to settle down too quickly. This is your time to explore, experiment—and enjoy. The fifth house also rules fertility, and some Gems will catch an acute case of baby fever. Get your “seed project” underway or reconnect to your own childlike wonder by hanging with the special kids who are already in your life.

# Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Pull your ruby slippers out of storage, Cancer. There’s no place like home this week—and that extends to your entire hometown. On Tuesday, September 19 garrulous, glamorous Venus floats into Virgo and your locally-grown third house. Flap your social butterfly wings and go explore new venues in your ‘hood. Lively conversations will keep you engaged—careful you don’t miss your Lyft chatting away with that engaging raconteur outside the bar. Stay open to the kindness (and general awesomeness) of “strangers.” Venus hovers here until October 14 and you’re certain to adopt a couple kindred spirits into your inner circle. If you’re not feeling the cultural scene in your area, a move might be worth considering. Too deeply rooted? Adopt yourself into a more happening zip code. Switch your fitness membership to a studio there or, if you’re an independent contractor, rent a desk in a co-working space. That way, you’ll have a landing place after your commute. Love goddess Venus can make you quite the coquette when she sails through your third house. Sample Cupid’s smorgasbord and be more forward when you flirt. Even if you claim you’re not the Tinder type, you might be pleased by what and who the dating apps yield over the coming four weeks. Coupled Crabs should socialize more often as a pair. Play event co-coordinators for your shared friend group—it’s the best way to bond.
On Wednesday, there’s a new moon in Virgo, the week’s second nudge to develop new connections and explore untapped interests. Dabbling is fine, Cancer, so feel free to bounce from one scene to the next. Being a dilettante just gives you more subject matter for those icebreaker chats. Don’t feel pressured to bring your go-to squad along for every ride. Without familiar faces hovering in the background, you’ll be more inclined to talk to new people—and even explore different dimensions of your identity. Since the third house rules partnerships, keep your ear to the street for potential collaborators. A tag team effort could yield a fresh wave of prosperity by early 2018, even if it’s more of a side hustle than a full-time venture. Do your loyalties lie in two places? This new moon could turn you into a commuter, shuttling back and forth between a pair of locations. Speaking of which, is it time to upgrade your ride? You might drive a new car off the lot or decide to lower your carbon footprint and pick up a two-wheeled option to use on alternate days. Cancer writers, podcasters or mediamakers will feel some inspirational wind beneath your wings with this communication-driven moon. You have a story to tell, Crab—yours or someone else’s—and the world needs to hear it now.
With all this social energy, you might worry that you’ll never get your RDA of nesting time. Fear not. On Friday, September 22 the radiant Sun beams into Libra and your home-loving fourth house for a month. Bless your nest with a few decor upgrades—whether you’re filling your living room with greenery or scouring antique outlets for a farmhouse table so you can actualize your dinner party dreams (over and over again). Maison Crab won’t lack for guests if you feel like having company. But pace yourself! Although Libra Season can be lively and social, you could exhaust yourself pulling out the Malbec and brie for a drop-in friend if you haven’t had adequate recharge time to putter around, work on DIY projects and catch up on your book club literature. The desire for increased comfort extends to your work area, whether you’ve got your eye on the corner office, an integral spot in Cubicle Central or just a body-saving ergonomic chair or keyboard. Your mission: Make every space feel like home. Women will be the star players of this solar cycle, from important female relatives to mentors who can show you the ropes at work. Spend tons of time with your mom (or a mother figure) between now and October 23. If you’re a parent yourself, careful that your buzzy social life doesn’t leave your brood with the short end of the stick. Better yet, find family-style activities so you can get your kid-time and adult-time in at once.

# Leo Weekly Horoscope

It’s been a wild ride, Leo, but after four weeks of hosting glamour-queen Venus, you could use a little time out from the party scene. This Tuesday, September 19 the planet of beauty and love waves farewell to your sign until 2018 and sets sail in Virgo until October 14. Set your Spotify to the slow jams station. Virgo rules your luxuriating second house and woe betide anyone who tries rushing you now. Wake up a little earlier so you can take your sweet-old time to get ready—whether you’re assembling a runway-perfect outfit or journaling as you sip your post-meditation tea. Since Venus powered into Leo on August 26, it’s taken almost zero effort to make yourself the center of attention. (Your willingness was the only requirement.) Romance was a PDA-fueled adventure for many Lions while others happily took a dating hiatus to focus on number one. These next four weeks might not be QUITE so epic, but they can be plenty sensual. Reduce your speed and savor the simple (but decadent) pleasures: sex on high-thread-count sheets, sharing a great bottle of vino, cuddling up for a marathon of a show that you both love. Of course, slowing down enough to actually talk to each other at the end of the day can be the most potent aphrodisiac of all. Single Leos might be drawn to the more traditional type. The one who seemed boring in the first half of September could suddenly be all that you can think about!
Searching for more gainful employment? On Wednesday, 2017’s only new moon in Virgo activates your earning power. Even if you’re happy at your current gig, you have to admit, making a little more coin would be nice. This is a money moon, Leo, one that opens up a six-month cycle for growth. Don’t start comparing and despairing if you’re not where you THINK you should be. Just set some reasonable benchmarks and then take the first concrete action step to get your plan in motion. Maybe you file paperwork to get your business set up as an LLC or contact a bookkeeper or accountant who can help you with a 2017 tax prep plan while you are still ahead of the game. These sensible Virgo moonbeams support any sort of structures or systems you put in place. It’s a lot scarier to worry about how much you MIGHT owe the IRS, for example, than it is to just find out and set up a payment plan…if one is even necessary. As the zodiac’s royal, you always thrive when surrounded by a competent coterie of connections. If you need more of “the right people” in your contact database, set up pitch meetings and power lunches; attend the industry mixers. You could meet everyone from way-showers to future support staff—and both are equally integral to your success.
While Venus might lure you away from the after-hours clubs, your social calendar will still be teeming this fall. On Friday, your celestial ruler, the Sun, blazes into Libra and your affable third house for a month. Until October 23, you’ll wear a new crown: Reigning Royal of the Local Scene. You’re a naturally playful cat, Leo, so donning the activities director crown should be a comfy fit. Is it #ThirstyThursday yet…or #ManicureMonday? Make it your business to have THE venues dialed in. (It wouldn’t hurt if you arrived early to charm the door person or maitre d’ either.) No waiting around for invitations to roll in! Organize a fall lineup for your lion’s pride from movie nights to bourbon tastings to Airbnb staycations. You might stumble on a great gym or dance studio that makes exercise feel more like entertainment than torture. The third house is also the communication zone so turn your gift of gab (or keyboard kraft) into a podcast or screenplay. Leos who like to teach might be inspired to design a workshop. Happier as the student? While your curiosity will be piqued, your attention span will be fleeting. Opt for short-term courses and evening workshops. This is a good time to go gadget shopping, especially if your phone lacks a proper selfie-cam!

# Virgo Weekly Horoscope

This Tuesday, September 19 enchanting Venus makes her annual stopover to Virgo and ignites your radiant pilot light. When the planet of beauty and love visits your realm, you can’t hide your glow! Others may bask in it, but that doesn’t mean they can treat you like their personal charging station. Unplug quickly from any draining alliances. You need to save that energy for your fellow luminaries! For romance or finance, you could attract some high-visibility players before October 14—and even step into that role yourself. Even if the butterflies are savaging your willpower, don’t rush to become somebody’s “other half.” This is a cycle of self-love and self-definition, Virgo—which can be harder for your service-oriented sign to embrace. But try! You might even take a time out from dating if you keep drifting too far from your own center. No, you don’t have to be THAT extreme. But pace yourself and refuse to bail on your pre-existing commitments just because you might have met The One. A legit soulmate will support your personal expansion, not suck you off into their narcissistic vortex. Coupled Virgos should lovingly explain that you’re going to need a little more solo time. For best results, reassure your partner than you’re not blowing them off and share openly about your adventures when you return to base. Along with boosting your self-confidence, Venus in Virgo can help you produce some inspired creative work. The muse has been sending plenty of downloads since late August. In the days ahead you’ll know just how and where to apply them.
Chill some bubbles for Wednesday and open up a bag of glitter confetti. You’ve got cause for celebration as 2017’s only new moon in Virgo marks your astrological New Year. This is a potent day for visualizing the next six months of your life. If nothing was standing in your way, what would you achieve by the Virgo FULL moon on March 1, 2018? If there’s a chasm between your desires and your current skill set, begin the search for online courses, coaching and specialized training. Now is the time to invest in your own growth so you can spread your wings and soar. If you don’t have a particular milestone in mind, think about how you’d like to feel by early March. Peaceful, clear-headed, grounded, confident? You might even share some champagne with your hive mind in exchange for some input. Supportive friends and relatives—the ones who know you intimately—can help you paint the picture. How about turning the new moon into an excuse for a vision-boarding party? Set yourself up with a pile of magazines (or books that you don’t mind cutting up) and intuitively pull out images that catch your eye. Your creative mind can reveal hidden desires that your analytic side might miss.
On Friday, enjoy one last slice of birthday cake. Virgo Season draws to a close as you pass the torch to Libras until October 23. As you sweep up the ribbons and figure out where to put all your presents, you might actually feel a tinge of relief. Bouncing around like an unstable electron has sure been exciting, but your grounded nature is ready to get back down to business again. With the Sun now illuminating your second house of financial security, balancing the books may be at the top of your to-do list. You might also have a list as long as your arm of emails and work calls to return. Overwhelming? A little. But start ticking off a few practical tasks each day and you’ll be back to your “humming like a well-oiled machine” M.O. before you know it. Libra is the sign of partnership, so don’t let pride prevent you from calling for backup if you’re really THAT behind. Friends may be happy to lend an extra pair of hands or a pickup truck—and if you’re worried about asking too much, save up a little cash so you can hire a handy person or temporary assistant for a few hours of relief. Your money mojo heats up now, so be proactive! Get your business profiles and bio shaped up and circulate at industry networking shindigs. If you’ve been crushing it at the office, set up a performance review to discuss increased benefits and growth opportunities. The squeaking wheel gets the oil! If you’re the CEO of Virgo, Inc. don’t keep it in cruise control. Hire a bookkeeper or financial adviser to help you discover the best tax breaks and investments for your hard-earned cash. Your appetite for the finer things in life may be practically insatiable during Libra Season, but shop around before deciding on any “investment pieces.” The second house demands careful planning, so lock down the plastic and set up a savings account, even if you’re squirreling away for something more sensible than sensual.

# Libra Weekly Horoscope

There you go, rocking the rose-tinted glasses again. Well, Libra, no one’s prying them off your proboscis for the next few weeks. On Tuesday, September 19 your ruler, idealistic Venus, vectors into Virgo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Until October 14, your imagination will run towards the dreamier end of the spectrum. This will be a huge blessing for your creative pursuits and your ability to glimpse the highest potential in any situation. But easy does it when it comes to love. True, there are few things quite so magical as “new relationship energy.” Oh, that surge of serotonin as attraction blooms and it feels like anything (and everything) is possible. But in time the dew will evaporate and you’ll have to deal with the very real human standing in front of you. Go ahead and enjoy the luscious liftoff you get from falling into a lover’s arms. (No one could stop you, anyway.) But wait until you’ve been through a good day and a bad one together before making it Instagram official. Can you live with all of it, Libra? People’s “flaws” might shatter a few romantic illusions. But those edges can actually create some undeniably sexy dynamic tension. Coupled Libras may feel adrift during this Venus cycle, perhaps due to an unresolved issue you swept under the rug. Instead of ruminating or stewing in resentment, head straight to couple’s therapy—or your own private session if you know it’s actually (cough) YOUR issue.
On Wednesday, don’t be surprised if the muse—or one of your spirit animals—drops by for a visit. The annual new moon in Virgo and your esoteric twelfth house brings major awakenings. Whether creative, spiritual or emotionally cathartic, you’ll draw from a deep well. But to access these subconscious gems, you need to be in a relaxed and peaceful state. Create a ritual for that very purpose, like waking up an hour earlier to meditate and journal each morning (while your Palo Santo incense sanctifies the space). Is it time to face an inevitable transition? You may realize that you’ve outgrown a certain aspect of your life or simply want it to evolve. This lunar lift could guide you towards helpful healers—therapists, shamans, holistic practitioners. Weekly sessions with these pro-level “Sherpas” will accelerate progress. Do whatever it takes to get your mind, body and soul in harmony. White light moments could even strike while you sleep near Wednesday. Keep a notepad or recording device by your nightstand so you can capture the visions before they slip away. Fall is a busy season for most people—and with demands on your time ratcheting up, you will need to set new boundaries. With your big heart (and yes, people-pleasing tendencies), folks aren’t used to hearing “no” from you, Libra. But there’s nothing valorous about being a martyr. Instead of getting mad at them for their expectations, let them know you’ve hit your limit—and, if necessary, start outsourcing some of the tasks on your plate. Make self-preservation a priority again, even if that means gently removing yourself from a stressful situation or relationship.
Another reason to open up space in your schedule? This Friday, September 22 the Sun bursts into your sign and announces the beginning of Libra Season. It’s fine to be introspective—but not 24/7! With your birthday month revving up, focus externally and go experience the world in real time. New people and adventures will buoy your spirits—and your confidence. You’ll be less afraid to make a mistake and more fearful of missing out. F.O.M.O. can come in handy sometimes, especially for a sign known for getting stuck in analysis paralysis. You’re a people person, Libra, but your birthday month is a great time to fly solo and pursue your independent interests. You might even enjoy a solo vacation to reconnect to “me, myself and I.” Close to home, dabble in workshops and events that pique your journalistic curiosity—even the cutting-edge variety. If nothing else, they’ll be good fodder for your blog or witty party conversation. Just trying new things will energize you. But wait until after October 23, when the Sun leaves your sign, to fill out any membership paperwork. Let your tastes change like the wind for the next four weeks—something better COULD be waiting right around the corner after all.

# Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Take a hard left away from the conventional, Scorpio. This Tuesday, September 19 convivial Venus swings into Virgo and your delightfully eccentric eleventh house. Anyone too “vanilla” or traditional will have to wait. You’ll be over there, chilling with the artists, activists and unapologetic rebels. Surprise! What seemed too “woo woo” (and outright wackadoo) last week might actually be an aphrodisiac between now and October 14. Silence the peanut gallery and follow your bliss. If the person you’re attracted to happens to favor unitards as daily wear (or unicorn onesies), it ain’t no thing. Or maybe their delicious weirdness is more well cloaked. That would certainly be right up your alley, right, Scorpio? Make a policy of NOT judging a book by its cover for the next few weeks. Even the fist-bumping Broseph could surprise you after a little digging. Venus is the image consultant of the skies so make sure you’re wearing enough of your own inner freak on your sleeve. Push the envelope with your style—even if you have to wait until after office hours to fully unleash. The eleventh house is the tech sector, and with love goddess Venus logging in, single Scorpios have higher odds of success on dating apps. Group hangs could also yield some hot prospects—and with the bonus of friends who can verify their references, which is a huge plus for your gun-shy sign. Coupled Scorpios should make a point of mingling outside the house together more often. Where do your respective friend groups overlap? Here’s your opportunity to form a joint entourage of people you BOTH enjoy—and fill the fall calendar with dinner parties, dive bar nights and weekend trips en masse.
Another social surge arrives on Wednesday with the new moon in Virgo. No more lingering on the periphery, waiting for someone else to extend an invitation. Take the initiative, Scorpio! Make dinner plans with a new friend or entice a cool coworker to duck out for a manicure or fall shoe shopping mid-day. And since the more is the merrier with this new moon, organize a small gathering with friends from different factions of your life. Sure, there’s “responsibility” that comes along with being the hub of a social circle—and yeah, you could have a green-eyed moment if people go off and form an independent friendship. But with a crew of good, loyal friends, there will be far too many fringe benefits outweighing the minor irritations. This lunar lift also directs some attention to your online presence. Are you representing true to form, Scorpio? Update the theme on your blog, post new profile pics (always a good excuse for a photo shoot) and take down any “maybe I shouldn’t have” posts from your timeline. Since people could be Googling you on Wednesday, give your LinkedIn bio or Bandcamp artist page some love. Got a killer idea for an app or some wares to sell on Etsy? Let the development begin! This could spell money in the bank by the corresponding full moon on March 1.
Although your social life will be abuzz with activity, make sure you also have ample whitespace on the calendar for doing absolutely nada. On Friday, the Sun drifts into Libra and your dreamy, rejuvenating twelfth house until October 23. This is the final, 30-day countdown to the reset of your astrological calendar. Four weeks from now, Scorpio Season kicks off and you’ll feel like a warrior! But your energy reserves are probably low at the moment. Literally catching up on your sleep can help enormously, but some of the heavy vibes are coming from the baggage you’re dragging around. Take stock, Scorpio. What can you release? From ill-fitting clothes to draining obligations to energy vampires, it’s time to slash and burn. Forgiveness is also a huge theme. Have you been stubbornly holding on to a grudge that’s actually poisoning YOU? Even if you don’t invite the person back into your life, accept that they were there to teach you SOME sort of lesson—even if it was simply a character type to look out for in the future. And in some cases, you can probably hug it out. (There now, that’s better.) This healing solar cycle could jettison you to the therapist’s couch or weekly sessions with a healer like a massage therapist or acupuncturist. Taking great care of your mind, body and soul will have you in tip-top shape for birthday season in four weeks.

# Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Has the Love Boat drifted off course? Head back to the navigation panel, Sagittarius, and clarify your route. This Tuesday, September 19 passionate Venus sets sail in Virgo and your goal-oriented tenth house. For the coming four weeks, DON’T just go with the flow, romantically speaking. That’s how you wind up in a whisky-tango-foxtrot kind of dance with…wait, what’s your name, actually? No, you can’t control EVERY aspect of interpersonal relationships, but you can certainly elevate your standards. Keep them high…and also realistic. If you know that your crush is moving abroad in three months, why even set yourself up for torment? Keep ’em in the friend zone and reserve the vacancy for someone whose long-term objectives (plus basic day-to-day life) are a match for your own. With Venus pulsing in your professional zone until October 14, you could fall head over Maryam Nassir slides for someone you meet at the office or while you’re out, uh, networking. Thanks to your infinite idealism, you may discover a way to successfully blur those lines. Just make sure your buttoned-down bae is looking to play the long game, too. Already spoken for? This is power couple time. Dress up and circulate as a pair—working the room together can be such a turn on! Or beef up the shared savings account by making new investment plans or even launching a business together. What starts as a kitchen-table side hustle (a special offering for the holiday season, perhaps?) could draw a legit income stream over time.
On Wednesday, you’re like, “Ready, set, goals!” once again. The annual new moon in Virgo hosts a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your career. Over the coming six months, what trajectory would you like to follow? Is there a new skill you could master (or a product you could develop) to boost your earnings? With technology advancing at such an epic pace, even the most seasoned CEO can’t afford to rest on his or her laurels. Roll with the times, Archer, even if that means signing up for a specialized training or hiring a coach to keep you at the top of your game. Already have some influencers in your crosshairs? They’ll be all ears on Wednesday, so pour on the charm. Since Virgo rules your masculine tenth house, this new moon could give you an all-access pass to the so-called boys’ club. Glass ceilings have never been able to hold your egalitarian sign. Smash on through with your Sagittarian spunk and your rock-solid ideas. You have six months to achieve what gets activated on Wednesday, so circle March 1, 2018—the date of the corresponding FULL moon in Virgo—for a milestone moment. Remembering that you have a window of time to accomplish your vision can help in moments when your Sagittarian impatience sets in. May we remind you again that Rome wasn’t built, remodeled or renovated in a day?
Of course, all work and no play will make for one unhappy Centaur—something you tend to forget when you head off on an obsessively enterprising pursuit. On Friday, the Sun shifts into Libra for a month, staging an intervention before you slip down the workaholic rabbit hole. Lift your proboscis from the grindstone and go have fun for fun’s sake. (And yes, you CAN swap business cards if you meet someone who could be a great connection.) Your squad misses you, Sagittarius—someone’s gotta rally the troops for karaoke night or charm the bouncer into letting you into the limited-access area. There may not be enough time in the week to catch up with everyone individually, so opt for group hangs where you can. Your motley crew of friends might seem like a strange fit on the surface, but you’ll draw out common interests and help them build bridges in no time. Libra rules your eleventh house of community and technology. Wherever you’re falling behind, Sagittarius, tap the hive mind or install an app. Online initiatives get a solar-powered burst between now and October 23. Spruce up your social media profiles or get into development mode with your own Etsy store, blog or site.

# Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Lesser known fact about Capricorn: Not only are you the zodiac’s mythological sea goat, but you’re also quite the horny goat when you finally let yourself unleash. Your sign might start out a little, er, repressed. But once you get wind of life’s divine comedy, you realize that it’s not all that serious…and that’s when the good times roll! And unleash you shall this Tuesday, September 19 as vixen Venus swings into Virgo and your “naughty by nature” ninth house. Until October 14 (and hopefully after that, too) you’ll enjoy pushing the erotic envelope and expanding your palette. The ninth house rules travel and cross-cultural connections, making it the perfect opportunity to diversify your dating portfolio. You could swoon for someone whose packaging is VERY different from your own. Coupled Caps, don’t go into early hibernation mode just yet. This Venus cycle wants you out, exploring the world as a pair. If you’re single and heading out of town over the next few weeks, pack some sparkly eveningwear—you might wind up going on impromptu dates when you’re done with your day of meetings. Travel is in the cards for all Capricorns. If you’re in a relationship, research destinations together, ideally someplace neither of you has been. Even a night in a boutique hotel will do wonders for your mood AND your love life.
On Wednesday, the truth shall set you free! The annual new moon in Virgo activates your ninth house of authenticity giving you an unvarnished lens on life. But rather than swinging it outward—and judging everyone who crosses your sight line, take an honest look within. Where are you NOT living your truth, Capricorn? This new moon can spark a transformation—just don’t use your discoveries as an excuse to beat yourself up. We all have to make compromises to survive on this planet and if you don’t have a trust fund waiting, you probably can’t quit that annoying day job. But you can certainly take steps in the right direction. This lunar lift favors travel, higher education and entrepreneurial ventures. Sign up for a webinar or online certification program; design your own vision quest and retreat to the woods. Got a business idea brewing? Start beta testing with a mini launch. If you’ve achieved expertise in an area of life (as many masterful Capricorns have) you may be inspired to teach others your methods. You have six months to let these moonbeams work their magic on you so the main thing is to be proactive about stretching beyond your comfort zone. This new moon could bring exciting news from another corner of the world and even an opportunity to travel. Dig up your passport and be ready to go!
On your way to work, detour to the dry cleaner and tailor to get all your “career separates” up to snuff. This Friday, the Sun blazes into Libra and your tenth house of success. This is the house naturally associated with your sign and, until October 23, you’ll be in your ambitious element. You often make some of your biggest leaps during Libra Season and with lucky Jupiter buzzing alongside the Sun until October 10, your efforts could go global. Or maybe you’ll just rediscover your passion for your work or start carving out an even MORE fulfilling niche in the industry. Libra is the sign of partnerships and over the next four weeks, you could find a complementary force who can take you higher. This might span the range from a direct collaborator with whom you split the work 50/50 to an agent who shops you around while you get to be the genius creative with all the big ideas. Every interaction can double as a networking opportunity, so don’t step out the door without a stack of business cards. You want to bring your A-game to every meeting and meal, so take a little extra time each morning to add more professional pizzazz. The tenth house also rules men, and during this cycle your relationships with male colleagues can become increasingly significant. A powerful CEO type could take you under their wing or offer to put in a good word on your behalf. Humble thyself and earn your loyalty points. When it comes to success, it’s as much about who you know as it is about producing stellar work.

# Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Rolling in the deep? Not something your laid-back sign always loves to do. But when love goddess Venus dives into your seductive and intimate eighth house this Tuesday, September 19 you could take the plunge. It’s not superficial to care about appearances, Aquarius—you like what you like. But looks might take third place to intellect and higher purpose between now and October 14. (Aim for the trifecta of all three and you’ll strike the bull’s eye.) If you’re single and searching, circulate among the high-vibes crowd. Virgo is the sign of service and with this cosmic energy ruling your erotic eighth house it’s no wonder you get all hot for the humanitarian type. No, a drum circle or activist meetup shouldn’t be treated like a pick-up joint, but there’s no reason you can’t be open to the fringe benefit of meeting someone multi-dimensionally attractive there. Are you already half of a purpose-driven power couple? With Venus casting her rosy glow over your relationship until October 14, your resistance to permanent bonding could melt away. Open that joint checking account, start house hunting, get engaged. Already did that? Scoop a little out of your shared funds and splurge on a sexier bedroom set or maybe a shamanic retreat in Peru.
Wednesday’s new moon in Virgo echoes Venus’ call for closer connection—in all realms. Coupled Aquarians might see the financial practicality of merging resources. (Why pay two rents when you spend seven nights a week together, right?) Single Aquarians could get clear on your dating criteria, especially your dealbreakers. Your open-minded sign can find good in places that most mortals would fear to tread. (She’s not a soul-sucking energy vampire, she’s just been through a lot in her childhood! Um, no.) Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work to YOUR benefit. Use Wednesday to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from your past interactions. What behavior will you no longer put up with, Aquarius, and what qualities would you prefer instead? Drawing a clear bottom line will spare you another time-sucking, toxic affair or business alliance gone sour. Of course, even the best relationships need fine-tuning. Happily-attached Aquarians should look for new ways to collaborate and co-create. Be proactive instead of letting your union run on auto-pilot. Join a fall sports league or get a creative project going around the house—ideally something that plays to each of your individual strengths. Financially, this new moon could get the wheels turning. You work hard for your money, but is your money working hard for you? Crack new codes on investing or brainstorm passive income streams. You might even meet an angel funder who wants to put dollars behind your dreams.
Is all this talk of togetherness making you a little claustrophobic? Don’t worry, Water Bearer, you won’t lose your independent spirit. On Friday, September 22 the sun lumbers into Libra and your worldly, adventurous and authentic ninth house. Your horizons begin to broaden as thoughts turn to travel or a possible relocation. Expand your search criteria by a few (hundred) miles between now and October 23. A lucky break could be waiting on a distant shore or with someone you have to work with via videoconference. With passport in hand you’ll feel your most liberated during Libra season—and oh, the places you should go! Mingle multiculturally when at home base. You could feel the cosmic click with someone from a very different background than your own, which is what makes the vibe so dynamic. The next four weeks are stellar for getting a start-up venture off the ground or talking to an agent about your novel or memoir. The ninth house rules honesty, and the truth serum will be flowing liberally. But easy does it! Even a subtle drag could burn bridges that can’t be rebuilt. Avoid the regrets and stay on the high road. Instead of fixating on what other people are (or aren’t doing), dive into developing your own talents. The ninth house rules higher ed and anything from an evening university class to a weekend workshop to a retreat (in Bali?) will give you life!

# Pisces Weekly Horoscope

The couple bubble lures you back this Tuesday, September 19 as sensual Venus vectors into Virgo and your relationship zone. Your sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Half of you is a hopeless romantic, ready to dive into the Sea of Love at the first glimmer of soulmate potential. The other half of you would prefer to have an ocean between you and the rest of the planet. As such, you need a versatile partner who can roll with your ebb and flow. The odds of finding your “someone” increase exponentially as Venus swings by your seventh house until October 14. Yes, even if you are still nursing wounded feelings from a breakup or decided two days ago to take a dating sabbatical to focus on your painting. Cupid’s timing is rarely convenient—and it doesn’t have to be either/or. Who says new love can’t heal you or that your potential S.O. can’t compose songs in the background while you’re layering Cadmium Red onto a canvas? Having boundaries is one thing but making rules to keep yourself “safe” could mean missing out on someone special. Already found your true love? Don’t shy away from talks of exclusivity or areas that could use some improvement. Harmonious Venus lends a hand in the “creative compromise” department. If you both give an inch or put more energy towards a shared goal, your combined efforts might make magic. Old-married types should lighten up about those petty things that make you crazy, like socks on the bedroom floor or dishes in the sink. Instead, focus on the things you love about your mate, and see if that doesn’t make hearts (and other regions) swell.
A promising plus-one could appear as soon as Wednesday—in one of many categories from romance to finance. The annual new moon in Virgo joins Venus in activating your urge to merge. This is the beginning of a six-month cycle where tag team efforts can thrive. Someone you meet this week might be the missing puzzle piece for a business venture or the second keyboardist you didn’t realize you needed (until now) for your band. But don’t raise the red-velvet rope too quickly. First, make sure these contenders are down to play the long game with you. The seventh house rules the law so this could be the day where you make a partnership more official by putting the terms into an official contract. (Doubly blessed since the shadow period of Mercury retrograde officially wraps this week—you’re in the clear!) You probably don’t need to play hardball in these negotiations, but DO make sure that your rights and property (intellectual or otherwise) are covered and that all terms are spelled out clearly. Lawyer up if money is changing hands. The last thing you need is to be sitting in arbitration six months from now because you forgot to hash out things like royalties and commissions. Insist on clarity and you’ll step into this dynamic duo on a strong foot.
And if all this weren’t enough, on Friday, the Sun slides into Libra and your erotic eighth house until October 23. With this seductive solar surge, you don’t even NEED a partner to feel like the hottest thing on Planet Earth! (A passing glance at your reflection will do just fine.) Your sexuality is yours to own, of course, so get more in tune by adding sensual movement to your daily ritual. Dancing always lights your fire, whether you’re shimmying around the house (clothing optional) to the Beyonce station on Pandora or trying sensual classes like acro-yoga, S Factor, even a burlesque workshop. First, however, you might need to slow down and catch up on your sleep. (Those endless nights of partying ’til sunrise have a way of catching up to you!) A partnership may grow closer and even become set in stone—which could involve picking out a setting for a gemstone in some cases. If you’re single, it’s probably wise to clean house of the players and take a break from the friend-with-benefits so your appetite for the real deal has a chance to develop. Head’s up: You’ll need to monitor your possessive side between now and October 23. A fall filled with jealousy, Google stalking and general obsession? No, thank you! You’ve got better things to do with your time than that. Like growing your bank balance for one. The eighth house is the big money zone of the chart. You could make some serious coin from commissions, real estate or by selling some valuable possessions you’re no longer using. Think beyond the 9-5 grind. Who knows? One of those oil paintings could soon be hanging in a wealthy scion’s house. Merging resources with other people is another possibility—even someone you considered (gasp) the competition!

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