Keanu Reeves Is Playing With Puppies And We Are Obsessed

by Conscious Reminder

The famous actor, named Keanu Reeves, is the person that is literally winning women’s hearts around the world.

This is probably because of his most beautiful and attractive trait, which is his humble and down-to-Earth spirit.

While we are sitting back, and lusting after his beautiful spirit, Keanu made himself even cooler, as he recorded a video in which he answers the questions asked by his fans, and is loving on some adorable puppies.

In fact, from giving rides to his fans that had been stuck on a plane layover, to simply giving up the seat to pregnant women on the bus, this actor isn’t a typical celebrity.

Although there are several of them that spend time in carrying out philanthropy acts, it appears that besides his usual acting career, this man has another job in his life, which is making others smile.

In order to prove all this, he was aired on Buzzfeed Celebs, sitting around some adorable puppies.

He was not just sitting in the middle of the puppies, who actually kept him quite distracted, but he also took the needed time in order to answer questions asked by his greatest fans.

In fact, keeping everything lighthearted, and also in his humble style, Keanu candidly brushed off all the questions discharging with sweetly answers and obsession every following question as best as he can.

When he was answering the primary questions, which was about his personal “secret” to staying so down-to-Earth, Keanu replied that gravity was responsible for that, using his laid back, sexy, but still sweet voice.

After this video, a lot of people who lusted after this handsome star have found new love and respect for him.

Many of them said that Keanu being around these puppies and playing with them is the best mood enhancer and aphrodisiac.

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