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Headaches, Migraines & Crown Pressure: Can It Be Ascension?

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by Conscious Reminder

The ascension process brings about many changes in the body as soon as it starts to manifest. It can cause physical pain too, as new tear and repair start to take place in our body.

Ascension takes place at mental, physical and emotional levels. The headache and crown pressure is the most recurring and common symptom of this new change. Then the question arises:

What kind of a headache is it?

This headache is very different from the normal ones. You will think that you are bombarded with laser beams and these laser beams are penetrating your skull. The pain is felt around the head and face. Along with that the eyes, ear, sinuses, jaw, teeth, gums also experience the pain.

This region is the crown chakra area, which paves the path for higher consciousness. You can say that headaches associated with the ascension makes you feel that you are getting filled with energy.

What are the symptoms of ascension headache?

The headache occurs when the brain starts to cope with the new development. This is the time when your pituitary gland and pineal gland start absorbing energy and light.

This is why one feels the pressure gathering in head. This leads you to the path of many advantages, however the path is full of pain and difficult to handle.

Can conventional medicine make them go away?

The medicine cannot cure it. The pain does not follow any pattern or acts in any specific area. Hence, it is not easy to diagnose the problem.

How to relieve the symptoms?

When you notice the onset of pain, try to relax. Meditate and try to visualize the white light entering your crown chakra. This will make the process painless. Now try to inhale deeply. It will lead the brain to be able to take the change in an easier way.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you notice the ascension. These things are necessary for an easy reception of these changes.

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