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The 7 Most Important Things In Life

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Even though it’s never too late to change our lives, it’s much better to learn these seven important things in life as young as possible.

We all know that when we are young, everything seems easy. We expect agile development with the goals we are striving for.

Those who beat us to success did something that we failed to. Here’s the trick, folks. With all the failures behind us, our enthusiasm for new goals and dreams is slowly fading, and we act more from a comfort-zone mode.

But if we learn these seven important things in life and put them into action immediately, we’ll transform our lives for good. We’ll have a clear picture of what we’re doing and where it will take us.

A successful person is entirely aware of these seven important things in life and behaves according to them.

1. Always be present, here and now, at this moment.

While this is a very tricky statement for most people, let’s look deeper. Where are we when we are going to work? Yes, we are on the bus or in our cars, but only physically. But where are we with our minds and thoughts?

We are probably thinking about what today’s duties at work are or what happened last night when we had a good time with our friends. And here lies the problem! We forget to live the present. Either we are bringing the past along, or we are intrigued by what the future might bring, and we are not living now.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel our body, feel our heart, observe our thoughts, and we’ll see what we are missing at this moment: nothing less or more, only the present!

2. Abandon “should” and “shouldn’t” for good.

This is maybe the hardest of all these seven important things in life. Throw away the expectations of society and of our families, and we’ll see how they’ve made us think there are things we should do. For example, we should go to university and get a degree in economics (when instead we love art), or we should be more like our uncle so we can make as much money as he does, and so on.

Before we accept what we should or shouldn’t do, ask these questions: From whom are we waiting for permission? And why this is acceptable? The only way to be happy is to live our lives as we want to!

3. Change our perspectives.

One of the most important things in life is not to cause problems where there aren’t any! Don’t make things bigger than they are. Observe the obvious and don’t terrorize ourselves with false data. Is there a problem in our life? Fine, what do we do? Instead of thinking and making it bigger, work our plan ASAP and put it into action.

4. Fear is not real!

Fear never was real and never will be real. Our belief systems and minds are setting limitations for the unknown, limiting our true potential. It’s simple: when we don’t know how to do something or we’re missing the point, don’t let fear beat us!

Instead, research and see how to do it, and try again and again until we do it. No one was born knowing it all. Everybody learns it from somewhere. To handle our fears, face them often. Change our “Main Story” and with that, our belief.

5. One step at a time!

One of the most important things in life I’ve learned recently from one internal project was that slow progress is better than false progress! When we are in a rush to do something, we’ll probably miss something.

Maybe the reward can be huge, but so can be the failure if we deliver a project on time but not fully functional. Take it slowly (of course, not like a snail), finishing a one-day task in a week if necessary. Be observant and don’t miss the details. Only in that way will we ensure a slow but stable growth.

6. Do not assume we know what others are thinking!

Even though this is very simple, it is one of the most important things in life; it’s crucial to know it! Assumptions will only occupy our minds with unwanted conclusions. Don’t you think that others have more important things to care about in their lives than what we do?

7. Appreciate.

The sooner we learn to appreciate things, the better it will be for us. Notice that as people get older, they understand more. They simply appreciate relationships more, the people around them more, and even the physical things they own. Gratitude and appreciation are the way to happiness. Let’s try them, and we’ll be enlightened!

If we adopt these seven important things in life, we’ll live happily and fulfilled!

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