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How To Help Your Children Recognize Their Superpowers

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Encouraging our kids to start expanding their intuition, to start better understanding their thoughts and feelings’ powers, and to start recognizing their inner guidance is very important.

Every one of us has the needed power to actually choose our own thought focus, the one which will attract our experience in turn.

We can teach our kids that everything they will focus themselves on will expand, regardless of the fact if it is fear or love, happiness, or sadness.

Kids are the future of this world. We can imagine the following generation of kids having self-esteem, kindness, compassion, and empathy, together with the understanding of how they can be responsible for every reaction or action they have.

Moreover, they may have the tools which will help them make their own greatness shine or create gratitude’s energies in this world. Then, we will ask ourselves about the role we can play in order to assist them during this process.

Adults always inspire and guide the minds and hearts of their kids quite seriously. In fact, it is the journey which is filled with practice, repetition, joy, sharing, and learning. Intuition is usually defined as the inner voice of knowing, which is sometimes also known as “gut feeling.”

In fact, there are various ways in which we can recognize intuition, regardless of the fact if we work with a group of kids or only an individual kid.

We should ask these kids to:

  • Share their feelings and thoughts about intuition;
  • Learn always to pay better attention to their gut feelings;
  • Also, practice listening to their intuition and going inward by meditating.

When kids finally learn how to recognize their intuition, it will allow them to live more joyfully, instead of simply reacting to some random thoughts. Their bodies feel internal guidance’s energies in various places than their neural pathways.

The fundamental thing to the entire formation of perceptions and beliefs would be how they assimilate their own thoughts through the authentic neural networks. It would be how they actually interpret their own experiences and also the whole world that surrounds them. Their perceptions and beliefs may be positive, negative, or neutral.

Intuition is an expansive type of feeling, and it feels right and warm all the time. When we finally helped our kids to recognize their own intuition, what are they going to do with that particular knowledge?

It wouldn’t be an over-statement if we tell our children that intuition forms part of an authentic Super Powers’ set. It may be instrumental when it comes to extending kindness, compassion, and empathy to their family, and friends.

Other types of Super Powers which intuition triggers:

Mindful shifting

In fact, mindfulness pays attention to feelings and thoughts. That is actually the primary step. Shifting includes our realization that, in fact, we are feeling some emotions or thinking some thoughts that do not serve us anymore.

Rather than acting on that emotions or thoughts, we decide to simply shift them to emotions or thoughts that do serve us any purpose, telling stories which feel positive, good, or right.

By shifting these thoughts and emotions from negative judgments to empathy and positivity, we will also have the capacity to shift our reaction and action to kindness and love.

Optimistic self-identity

When it comes to determining our identity and self-esteem, the two words “I AM” will be the most potent ones. It would be who we actually believe that we are, regardless of the fact if it is true or other people gave it to us. Uniqueness is something good and also something we should value.

Beliefs in miracles

If we believe in miracles, that belief will be the things which will permit them to occur. When we have the courage to simply ask for everything we want, and even better, have strong beliefs in pure potentiality’s field, then we definitely experience a miracle.

Understanding that Super Power is working in various ways will be important for our kids. When we actually believe that the outcome will be negative, the belief may unfold as that negative result which we have attracted.

When our children finally learn how they can listen and pay attention to their own intuition, this will help them recognize the gut feelings’ inner guidance too. The feelings, whether fear of love, happiness or sadness, will attract and even expand their experiences.

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