A Powerful Solar Eclipse This July 2nd: Emotional Issues May Come To Surface

by Conscious Reminder

On 2nd July, the Total Solar Eclipse is taking place and this will happen in Cancer. Plus, the New Moon will also take place during this period. So, double up the energy during this time.

The Solar Eclipse happening on Tuesday will be 10 degrees and 38 minutes in Cancer. It will keep its impact for about 6 months. Cancer is about family issues, public, gender issues, food, heritage, support and of course, our emotions.

Since Cancer is about home, it tells us to build our foundation. We need to tend ourselves and pay attention to what our insides say. It’s time to understand the truth within our family and to engage in a sense of belongingness that we have within us.

You can even enter your friends’ group and seek support. Sometimes, you may feel vulnerable, but opening up in a safe space always helps. This is the period when you can improve your domestic domain without any agenda.

Cancer energy is all about making transformations in our lives. The lunar cycle has a major impact on us. We must take different circumstances in our favor and bring them to a close. Cancer teaches us to honor who we are and to come in touch with the vulnerable self.

We have a support system – we must be safe and secure within it. All of us have a career, but that does not mean that we forget everything. We must find the balance – for a complete growth we cannot just depend on the professional level. Sometimes, we must look at the personal front too.

We have flaws and the eclipse brings out these flaws. It tells us to start in a new way. It’s time to give the flows up and begin a new chapter. What is New? It will not be something you’d recognize but you have to surrender to it.

The Eclipse will also sextile with Uranus, so, you can expect something unexpected out of it. Change is important. You need to be more flexible and allow it to take place. Saturn is going to be in opposition so this indicates some adjustment struggles which will only end up with psychological growth.

There are other major developments happenings in Cancer for around the later part of 6 months. The 1st eclipse that fell along the axis of this sign was back in 2018 July and the last will be on 2020 July. Other times were 2009 july-2011 January, 2000 July and 2002 June, 1990 July – 1992 December, and 1981 July and 1983 June. The effect of the eclipse will be a huge one.

The Moon phase will take place in 10 degrees and 38 minutes in the sign of Cancer and will affect those people who have their personal points and planets at 6-16 degrees of Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer signs.

Best of luck.

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