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Are You One Of The 4 Most Emotional Zodiac Sign?

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Really confusing and very difficult to understand right. Well, you don’t have to think much, and just know that Zodiac or horoscope is all about those strangely told predictions that come every morning with the newspaper.

Accept it or not but the population of followers and non-followers of Zodiac is likely or unlikely at an equal level, followers being at the lead. Almost everybody secretly or openly keeps a track of the Zodiac column.

How will be their day today, how will their boyfriend or spouse behave today and many such predicaments.

Keeping in mind the increasing rates of Zodiac followers from every inch of the world, I have decided to dedicate an article to the 4 most mystifying  Zodiac signs, along with their traits or qualities.

So, have fun and enjoy reading.

# Aries- (March 21- April 19)

The first sign of the Zodiac family, the fire sign who is always full of energy and reflects confidence. They hate delayed schedule as they are always on time and at times before time too, but never late. They are full of courage, lionhearted, determined,buoyant and vehement about everything they do. Be it, love, be it business or be in that simple teamwork, an Aries is always ready to take the risk and comes out with flying colors. The first sign of the zodiac family who loves adventure to the core, but once they fail in that or they come across the fact that they are not good enough, they won’t try that again. An ardent lover who feels from the depth of their heart and can cross any rivers to protect their loved ones.

# Taurus- (April 20- May 20)

So, here we are, meet Taurus, the fixed earth sign known for their highly practical and devoted nature. An artist by nature who loves to think, and create unimaginable wonders. Imagination is the key to their success, they hate procrastination and are the sole believer of independent feelings. Yes, they are loyal lovers but prefer being independent and not being ruled or dictated. On the other hand, they have certain negative attributes like lazy, stubborn and kind of uncompromising, this habit of theirs at times give them free troubles. They love to stick to the point unless and until they complete them, a free bird , try to tame or authorize their life and they will slip out from your grip like a sand.

# Gemini- (May 21- June 20)

Ruled by Mercury, this member of the Zodiac family is an unlike character with dual personalities. To make it easier, a single soul with the traits and shades of multiple emotions. A quick learner and easily adaptive, they are a strong fusion of  both creative and weird. Talking about their love life, well they love to flirt and is always the centre of attraction. Compliments and being the honeypot all the time is their favourite part of the day. Be good to them and they’ll keep you up on your toes, mess with them and they’ll bash you with sarcastic words. A great conversationalist, debater and an intellectual person, Gemini is really analytical about every step they take. Read: How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression.

# Cancer- (June 21- July 22)

Moody, tireless, emotional, devoted, easily manoeuvre. This is CANCER and let’s get inside their closet to see how they are. A mixed bag of emotions, cancer is the most complicated member of the #Zodiac family. Highly emotional, too much attached and always home-bound, a Cancer is a fleeting box of emotions. Having said this, I would like to draw your attention towards the point that, they are highly self-independent person by nature. A person you can count on all the time and who is ready to help you with everything he has. Dealing with a Cancer is not at all easy because of their mood fluctuations,so one has to have a lot of patience and understanding to live with the Cancer.

Their emotions have no limit, both in a positive and in a negative way. If they can love from the inner depths of their heart, then their hatred can equally tarnish you as well. Messing or mincing with their emotions can cost you losing some really rare to find, so be good and do your best to understand them.

Horoscope or zodiac is all about beliefs, the main emotion lies in how well you understand your partner. The power of love is much stronger than the power of those stars or moons or anything.

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