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If You Are One Of These Zodiac Signs, There’s No Wonder Why You Are Having An Awful Week

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

From June 10th, the week will be full of different events. There will be a square by the sun with dreamy Neptune and that would power up the delusions we feed to ourselves.

Plus, the expansive Jupiter will come into opposition with the Sun – it makes you hungry with making life feel like an adventure.

As you progress to the middle of the week, the planets Mars and Mercury will oppose the discipline which is enforced by Saturn. Without discipline, the impact of our delusions will start to rise further. It might feel like we are facing a wall and running towards it.

When we use the term ‘worst’ it’s not always terrible. Life is full of bumps and for these zodiacs, the bump is coming in for them.

But no matter – the bump will only teach you something more about life. And it will pass. So, don’t get too worried – just ask for more luck as you move across this week. These are the three zodiac signs which will have a major impact during this week:


Sun is in your twelfth house of subconsciousness. It’s time to look inside you and make your intuition your guide. Do not let the people disturb your thought process. On one hand, you probably would not like to be among people during this period.

But that’s not all – you will have some irrational thoughts coming to you due to Neptune. Don’t let it get most of you – they are not real. Midway, Mercury and Mars will inspire you as it will trine with Neptune. Rush down the creative alley – it is time to tap into your spiritual side.


Mars and Mercury will be powering up your twelfth house that is the house of spirituality. You want to be on a remote island away from people. The transits that are happening will make you feel like a lot of things are occurring inside, most of it is powered by some kind of negativity.

Mercury and Mars will oppose Saturn and this will make it difficult to pour out your emotions. The more you hold back, the more bitter it becomes. When both the planets form a trine with Neptune, things will start going in your favor. Everything will work out just fine.


The 8th House of depth, intimacy and finance is getting charged up with Mercury and Mars. This will be an emotional period and you would want to go inside yourself to look for answers.

But when both these planets start the opposition to Saturn, you won’t be able to enter the depth. You will feel emotionally and sexually inhibited. If you are taken financial decisions before, now is the time you will face its consequences.

But when the trine in Neptune happens, you will find the light and things will start to make sense.

So, it’s not going to be terrible. Yes – this week will be rough but you will sail through it easily. Just believe in yourself.

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