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I Am An Empath And This Is What I Need From My Significant Other

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by Conscious Reminder

One out of five people has predispositions to experience increased levels of physical, emotional, and mental sensitivity.

These people are known as HSPs or highly sensitive people. Many of these people are empaths, too, which means that they can absorb and feel other people’s emotions.

The highly sensitive individuals are interacting with the environments in which they live, and are approaching relationships in ways which are quite different from other people. Several attributes of these people are that sensory input will more likely make them cry or become overwhelmed.

Moreover, these people notice or respond to some changes in sound, lighting, body language, and speech that other people may never notice. Also, violent TV shows, changes in their plans, or strong odors may entirely throw these people for energetic loops.

This can cause unwarranted emotional responses or create the necessity for withdrawal on their part. When highly sensitive individuals reach their limits, they are going to start finding ways to simply turn that noise down. Also, they will not have to explain why they did so.

A lot of highly sensitive people are empaths too. They are able to absorb the emotions of others and simply feel them like they are theirs.

They are responsive to information that comes to them right from the environment where they live. HSP may pinpoint what triggers his or her response, while empaths are vaguer.

What are the four things every HSP or empath needs from his or her partner?

They have to ensure that things will not be one-sided.

In fact, empaths understand or even care about other people’s well-being and feelings. Usually, they are going to compromise or simply move things in advance for other people’s sake.

Because of this, their relationship may quickly become one-sided. They make amazing support systems and sounding boards; however, they need all that in return, too, particularly from those closest to them.

They need others to choose very honestly.

When an empath or HSP asks what’s up, they do so as they already know that something is up. They respect other people’s privacy, and they understand that those people are probably not prepared to talk about or share something they have sensed or noticed.

However, it would be better for those people to say what they have rather than pretend that there is nothing happening.

They need others to take “NO” for the right answer. 

When HSPs or empaths are already vibing quite low, it may be hugely draining for their loved ones or friends to force them to go for a walk or go out. They aren’t depressed, but they are recharging.

They aren’t boring, but they enjoy adventurous things. So, when you ask them to go to some public events or to the club with you, and they refused to go, leave your offer and see what is going to happen next.

They need others to support their grounding and cleansing routine.

Both empaths and HSPs know their boundaries, and many of them learned what actually helps them in resetting their energies.

Such things can be music, yoga, alone time, a specific craft or art, a talking break, or even time outdoors, and so on. This helps their partners or friends to support them and take notice by giving them some space to join them or reset.

It will mean everything to them when their loved ones change speed, walk in peace and silence with them, or come to their yoga classes with them. They really appreciate all that and are going to repay them when they move back in their emotional space.

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