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Jupiter Retrograde June 20th — October 17th

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun is currently setting itself to exit Gemini on 20th June 2021. On the other hand, Jupiter will enter retrograde and join Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn.

This retrograde journey of Jupiter for a few months is a common phenomenon every year and is quite expected. However, this might be the 1st time in more than 10 years that we may have already experienced the retrograde of Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces.

A planet can be seen in retrograde by moving backward across the zodiac, as the name suggests. It is natural that a planet is not really moving back but simply appears that way from our point of view on Earth.

Ancient astrologers used to observe this cosmic movement and they considered this to be a sign for humans to move back and focus on past things. Retrograde is the ideal time to revisit the wisdom and lessons received in the past.

Similarly, during Jupiter retrograde, we must put out ideas, beliefs, and other things we considered to have known, under scrutiny. This will further encourage us to reflect upon them and try to change our perspective of looking at them.

New Lens During Jupiter Retrograde 

Jupiter might become a lens for us through which we can filter, paint, and shape reality. It can also allow us to see the Earth as a place of expansion, abundance, and unlimited possibilities. This can happen only when we work with the vibration of this planetary alignment and strive for the highest levels.

The energy of Jupiter reminds us of all the things that are possible as well as the things we are capable of doing. This energy will also motivate us to understand that the journey of life is not meant to be perfect but something we can draw lessons from.

In addition, we must pay close attention to the places that need our focus during this period of retrograde. New information is coming to the surface and we must capitalize on it.

There is a possibility of our focus shifting and enabling us to transform our perspectives in some way. This will open our minds to various new and larger possibilities. Although Jupiter will retrograde through both Aquarius and Pisces, the changes in the energy will be subtle. However, we might feel these 2 zodiac signs influencing our experiences.

Retrograde Timeline, Impacts & Expectations 

Jupiter retrograde is scheduled in Pisces between 20th June and 29th July. During this phase, we may start questioning our own spiritual values. Moreover, we might even become doubtful of our approach to our instinctive or creatively inspired projects.

Meanwhile, Jupiter retrograde is scheduled to take place in Aquarius from 29th July till the retrograde period concludes on 17th October. During this time we may begin questioning the values of society and reflect upon the ways in which we feel fit or unfit in our society.

Even though nothing is certain, we may still find some similarities in the themes unfolding in our life during these periods of retrograde. Furthermore, there may emerge a few themes that will take place on a global platform as well. These issues will provide us with new insights as well as with greater perspective.

New Opportunities & Better Understanding 

Jupiter retrograde will shake up our existing belief system and motivate us to look at those things from a very different point of view. People who are in a scattered state of affairs can use this energy to reset their focus and prioritize things that are truly important in their life.

This retrograde energy can be used productively by being flexible with our beliefs and acquiring new experiences. Things might seem to be limited and unsuitable at first, but gradually we will find it natural and easy. This retrograde vibration is encouraging us to reshape ourselves in a better manner.

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