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July Started With An Astrological Bang Heralding An Energy-Packed Summer

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by Conscious Reminder

We are deep into Cancer season which will continue affecting us up to 22nd July. But it’s not only Cancer Season that will take over during this month – there are many eclipses that will have a significant effect on you.

Eclipses are going to take place in Cancer, and then another will occur in the hardworking Capricorn and on top of all that, there is one Mercury retrograde happening too. Too many things happening in one month – don’t you think?

Eclipses bring about a transformation. If we are disappointed with your work, it’s time to take a step to quitting it. If we are in any extreme, Eclipses help us get the middle ground.

New Moon Of 2nd July

Just now, we experienced the New moon in Cancer along with the Total Solar Eclipse. It’s a push for family and womanhood. Cancer is a sign of Mother and it this eclipse shows that it is no longer time to push women issues aside. Women are coming forward, believe in it! Plus, you can understand why Cancer Marianne Williamson became popular with the 2020 Democratic debates.

July 16th Eclipse

The Eclipse happening in July 16th is in Capricorn – the keeper of hierarchies. It is happening close to Pluto, who keeps itself empowered and is dealing with our unconscious self.

So, what does this Eclipse show? Maybe a deep and dark secret will come out – who knows, another presidential scandal maybe? The Lunar Eclipse will shed its light on something dark. Between the two eclipses, the Cancer Sun will divide us between Ego and Self.

It will come in opposition of rigid Saturn and to unconscious-controlling Pluto. Both of them will affect gender roles and power structures. Sun has been known as the masculine power and the Moon as a feminine strength.

With Moon coming in masculine Capricorn, there will be a twist in the tale. It will not make masculine bad or pedestalize feminine energy, but it will redefine Gender. A fitting end to Pride month.

Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde will be starting from 7th July and then, it will be moving on to 31st July. Start keeping your communication devices safe.

Mercury will be splitting itself between the Cancer and Leo Energy. It is both messing up with the heart chakra. Empathy will be a part of your journey and can be used to tackle the retrograde effects.

July 22nd brings the Leo Season. The Sun starts off from Cancer and moves to the fiery Leo. Plus, Mars is still in Leo from 1st July to 31st August, so that brings a bit of oomph to the air.

On July 31st, the New Moon will land on Leo which will bring us the ability to showcase our desires. The retrograde ends at that time too, so, show off your gift with the help of communication as well.

July is going to be great – so, let’s make things work for you.

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