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The Spiritual Meaning Behind April’s Full Pink Moon In Libra

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by Conscious Reminder

April is an important month in astrology as it is influenced by two extremely powerful full moons.

The 2022 April Full Moon will rise on April 16 and will serve as the ultimate illumination before the chaotic eclipse season begins.

The Full Moon, also known as the Pink Moon, will act as a catalyst to begin new things in your life and will also assist you to clear out imbalances that are hampering your personal flow.

Therefore, it is quite important to understand the spiritual meaning of this Full Moon in April and make the most out of this mystical energy.

The Spiritual Meaning Of This Pink Moon

The Farmer’s Almanac has named all the full moons in April as “Pink Moon”.  This name comes from the Pink Moss Phlox which blooms during this time of the year.

This bloom aligns itself perfectly with the spiritual meaning of the April Full Moon, which will encourage you to blossom in building up social connections and achieving your set goals.

This Full Moon, also known as the Paschal Moon, follows the Spring Equinox and determines the exact date of Easter. This amplifies the rebirth-centered energy of this lunation. 

This is the perfect time for you to amplify the energy on your goals and leave the darkness behind for newfound growth.

It is also important to know that this Full Moon will take place in Libra, hence, it will illuminate themes like balance, social connections, and most importantly, relationships.

The energy of Aries will make you impulsive but Libra will help you find peace and lean toward your partners.

Libra is also represented by scales so it is a sign that you will find a harmonious synergy between extremes.

This Full Moon in Libra is between the New Moon in Aries and the solar eclipse in Taurus and in turn will help you find your footing and embrace harmony, internally.

You need to stand up in your own power but also give in to the universal magic and all its surprises.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will also take place in Pisces, alongside the Pink Moon in April, and because of this, you will look at the world through rose glasses.

This unique alignment will flood you with dreamy vibes, creative inspiration, and philosophical awakenings and act as a catalyst for growing spiritually.

The Full Moon will happen during this peak and will mark a potent period to embrace expansion and tap into your visions.

How Can You Work With The Full Pink Moon Energy?

Mars and Venus are also present in Pisces during this full moon, which forms a strong Pisces stellium that casts a mist over the season of Aries.

This line-up will focus on the importance of your intuitions and feelings and working with water will help you do just that.

You can take a moon bath to clean yourself while gazing into water for a scrying meditation. You can also place water under the full moon’s illumination to charge it up as it is a great way to align with the April Full Moon’s spirituality.

If you want to partake in manifestation rituals to aid your personal intentions, this Pink Moon will then assist you in visualizing your ultimate goals and building stronger connections with your aspirations on a level of spirituality.

Keep in mind that you will enter a world of chaos, right after this full moon, so this is the best chance for you to use the moon to manifest. You need to grab this golden opportunity offered by the Pink Moon and allow your greatest dreams to blossom.

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