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Astro Forecast For The Month Of August 2019

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The month of August is going to be rife with several jolts hammering at our many structures.

We would be entombed in issues of ancestry, while also being disturbed by the grotesqueness of what previously sheltered us. Summer is not yet done.

But this wouldn’t be the state throughout the month. Amidst all the shaking lies, August’s teaching is- look for alternatives to any given problem.

Things will keep on shifting but it doesn’t mean that everything will be bad. We would have enough time to deal with situations that affect not just us, but also people who are close to us.

The effects of the Black Super Moon and Mercury going Retrograde and turning direct would kick start the month.

We would be provided with the energies that the Black Super Moon was all about, and Mercury would weave its way through the spiritual and cosmic realm, leaving intuition and clarified thinking in its wake.

The first jolt would be faced on the second day itself, as Venus starts tweaking around with matters of the heart and money. This comes after experiencing certain emotional truths that would come upon the 1st.

Now, one jolt is sure to bring forth a lot more and such will continue till the 20th. We would finally be able to get some respite on 26th, but this would be short-lived – for Uranus will be ready to deliver some more epiphanies right after.

We would be careless initially- thinking that the strike on 2nd August would be the only one of its kind and attempt to get back on our feet immediately.

It is only after the later strikes that we realize the need to adjust to the surroundings. We might also try to evade some of the more harrowing experiences that could be coming.

But there is some conclusion to this- 5th August would see us understanding our hearts and our desires better.

We would be seeking more and more as the days go by, even when it leads to Jupiter pushing Venus and the Sun into the path of immovable Saturn. August 7th to 9th could be a tug of war for us and we need to make adjustments.

As Mercury moves from Cancer to Leo on the 11th, we would see a change in the way we communicate- from expressive, it would turn into playful. We would be more grandiose in our expressions.

The biggest development would be Uranus turning Retrograde after a long time, for the rest of the year. You will see all that was pending moving now at an accelerated pace.

As mentioned earlier, we need to adjust to the times. Finances and relations would take the brunt, for Neptune and Venus would be at loggerheads. It is time to use forgiveness as a weapon, and treat others as humans- how they deserve to be treated.

Venus could be getting a bit greedy, for it would also be at crossroads with Pluto. So, in a war between love and money, you need to select any one.

Wait for the see-saws to land. You would find yourself what your heart really wants. Also, be ready to find yourself pretty detached from everything around you as Aquarius will be with the Full Moon on 15th August.

What all this would result in, is going to open up perspectives and open up any solitary spots in yourself. If you are feeling trapped, you would also find a place to get out of.

Your goals and methods would become fairly organized and yield high results, as efficiency is going to come up. Mars would be entering Virgo on the 18th and the Sun would follow on the 23rd. We would be feeling the after-effects of 2nd August.

But by August 24, we would be back on track, with Venus conjuncting with Mars, and the Sun would also be putting its light on us. Slowly, we would be moving towards gaining what we always wanted. One step at a time.

But, wait for it. August 26 would bring in a host of epiphanies that would throw away every preconceived notion that we had about things out of the window. With Mars trining Uranus, we would find ourselves with many obstacles and lots of plot twists.

All this would lead to steady development that will gain more and more force as the New Moon in Virgo comes up.

With Mars also assisting in the cleanup, all this would lead back to Uranus. In the end, it would be us deciding to work towards any door that has opened up for us.

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