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You, Your Friends And The September 2022 Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The winter is closing in quickly, so we naturally want to make the most of the last few rays of the summer sunshine and enjoy ourselves with our friends.

However, this part of our lives may be heading toward a bit of mayhem as Mercury Retrograde begins on September 9th, lasting till October 2nd.

Here is how the cosmic transit going to affect your friendship depending on your zodiac sign.


The retrograde is going to have a heavy effect on your personal bond with your bestie. However, you can also see this as a chance to resolve issues buried away and clear the way for good. Be extra careful regarding plans during the Retrograde’s latter half.


Try to relax a bit as you may be frustrated with failing and disappointing social plans. It will also not be unusual for you to be late or mix up dates of meetings with friends. Try to work on a flexible schedule and open-mindedness regarding social events.


The upcoming Mercury retrograde may bring a pause on your inspiration or passion projects. However, the dry spell will be a great excuse to meet up with family and friends. This can get back your inspiration flow or just provide you with an enjoyable and nourishing experience.


Social time will have to be shared with family or roommate drama during the Retrograde’s beginning. As such, put in the effort to be as clear as you can about your feelings. Moreover, be prepared for past connections and conversations to resurface.


Your inbox may be crammed with exciting invites, but during this retrograde, avoid simply going from one event to another. Instead, take some time to reflect on the connection and actions between them. Filling up the schedule too much is bound to lead to mix-ups and miscommunications.


This cosmic transit will ask you to assess your friendships and find out the truly worthy ones. Once Mercury backspins into Virgo on September 23rd, you will also be able to make a deep review of your goals – making it easier to find aligned relationships.


You are one of the best mediators around in your social circle. However, always trying to appease your group can be harmful to you personally. So don’t shy away from turning down invitations or setting boundaries. Real friends will understand when you need some solo time.


You may be feeling exhausted during the Retrograde’s first couple of weeks. The best thing would be to pause social obligations and recharge. However, after that, friendships will one of the primary themes in your life.


Dramatic dynamics in friendships as well as work stress, fueled by the Retrograde, can dampen social life. However, this is also a chance for you to locate your true position in the friend group. You can also try to be more active in your communities.


This is when you dig up old networking contacts that you never replied to or old colleagues since the majority of the retrograde will influence your career. As such, reconnecting like this can open up refreshing changes in perspectives and opportunities.


A crew getaway might sound fun but due to the Retrograde, traveling can be messy. Instead, use the Retrograde energy to reconnect with past friends who harbor different beliefs that challenge yours. An adventurous, open mind may be as fulfilling as that physical trip.


Get ready to have all your skeletons in your social closet pulled out by the Retrograde. This is when you have to be firm about social boundaries as well as resolve any tensions and drama that have brewed below the surface. Do not shy away from the truth, no matter what it is, as this will lead to successful real friendships.

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