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Empaths Feel Emotions, But Can They Feel Spirits Emotions Too?

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by Conscious Reminder

An empath knows what it feels like to be able to feel other people’s emotions. Usually, empaths notice changes in the mood, realizing that they may be experiencing a sudden pain or joy of other people who entered their room.

However, do empaths have the ability to detect spirits or ghosts’ emotions? Well, yes they have. A lot of psychics that investigate some haunted homes are said to be empaths. Literally said, they have the ability to feel emotions which have been experienced there before.

Usually, mediums are going to feel sensations right when they communicate with people who are on the other side. Well, it will be nothing unusual for psychics to realize the way in which certain spirit died because they could literally feel the sensation and pain of that spirit’s death.

When we feel some emotions which we cannot understand, even when there is no one around us, there is a possibility that we are empathically picking up the energies of that location we are on or of spirits that are nearby.

We have to pay more attention to how we feel, and after that notice, whether our mood is going to change after we leave the location or not. We also have to determine if our mood returns right when we enter that space again.

There are also empaths who can have an especially hard time when they are at a place in which immense suffering occurred, and that place can be a hospital, cemetery or another location on which a tragedy happened.

We can feel claustrophobic or also have some troubles with breathing because of the anxiety which is not linked with the situation from now, but with the situation which happened in some time previously.

When a person is an empath, he or she can keep a diary or journal in order to write down when they notice changes in the mood.

An empathy should write who was around, or where he or she was, how long this change lasted. In that way, he or she will have the ability to detect patterns or realize what their empathy tries to tell them.

However, what will happen when we do not have the ability to handle other people’s emotions? In fact, there are certain ways in which we may control our empathy, or simply better handle it. We don’t want our emotions to control us, and not even talk about the emotions and feeling of other people.

We can set our intention that all those emotions we feel will only be our own. We can also imagine ourselves protected from those emotions. Of course, we may also accept those emotions, breathe deeply and after that let them go.

We should tell ourselves that we want only our emotions to remain, so other people’s emotions are going to disappear.

One important thing would be awareness. We simply have to be aware, and with that, we will lessen the fact that we are an empath so that we can move forward, and we will not just accept but also embrace our gift.

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