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5 Ways To Find Your Inner Power This August

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by Conscious Reminder

In the current world, you have to develop your own belief systems and stand strong for them. However, it can be a difficult thing. Sometimes, you might need a bit of support from outside.

This August brings you exactly that support. This time, it comes from Pallas, the Greek goddess of justice and wisdom.

Pallas is an extraordinary strategist and she could see the big picture and create strategies on that basis. She knew what to fight for and how to fight for it – her strength lay in her principles and her belief system. She is the symbol of self-empowerment.

If you are someone who struggles with empowering yourself, you can use these strategies to bring a change in your own life!

1. Becoming A Hero for your own self

You are the only person who can dictate over your life. You can command it in your own way and direct it in the path you choose. So, take responsibility and cheer yourself onwards. Look in the mirror and start by disciplining yourself.

Surround yourself with people who will support you. All you have to do is make yourself your own friend – be a fan of yourself. By being your own boss, you can do wonders in your life.

2. Become A Hero for others as well

When you take control of your life and see progress, you are bound to receive a lot of compliments. But sometimes, it’s also a great thing to give back some compliments. The Universe is trying to support you all the time.

Sometimes, you need to give it back – send your energy of optimism and support to the Cosmos. Remember, everything will come back to you in full circle. When you support others, they will be there for you when you need the support. Be kind – be generous – be the friend someone desperately needs.

3. Healthy Competition

Competition has got a bad name attached. But is it really that bad? No, we are not talking about the competition where you hit each other or try to pull someone else to get a good spot.

Rather, we are talking about the kind where you actually create the victory drive in you – it’s a kind of competition where you empower who you are and push yourself to become better.

Competing can also be intimate – it can bring a sense of companionship. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to appreciate someone else’s talent and learn from them. Ask Sagittarius and Aries – they are always improving themselves through competition.

4. Listen To What Your Soul Has To Stay

Pallas is the Goddess of Wisdom but this wisdom is not something that is present outside. It’s something that comes from within. If you can tap within yourself, you will find that you are a source of hidden wisdom – of leadership in critical times.

Your personal wisdom can change based on where the asteroid Pallas lands. If it is in Aries, your leadership skills will be honed. If it’s in Scorpio, you will look inwards and reveal deep secrets – sometimes, in the form of hypnosis or past-life regressions. Be introspective – know who you are.

5. Tiger’s Eye

If you integrate the tiger’s eye with your life, then you end up stepping inside your zone of power. The tiger’s eye stone will activate the Solar Plexus Chakra which controls confidence and power.

It is the totem gem of Pallas Athena and is, hence, called the Counsel stone. It has been used before to engage your wise side – so, use it during meditation. Let it make confidence surge within you. Become a leader of your own life.

Let Pallas Athena guide you on the right path. Best of luck.

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