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Now That I Know I Am An Empath, What’s My Next Step?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Judith Orloff, a notable psychiatrist, defines an empath as “an emotional sponge”. This definition aptly describes Empaths for their amazing quality of absorbing both positive and negative emotions from other persons into their own being. Following are a few characteristics of an empath:

Empaths apply no filter on their emotions. Their thought process is widely different from that of others. They feel while others think. Often they grow tired of too much crowd, noise, smell and conversations. This is the time they need to be recharged in their own different ways.

You realize that you are an empath when you find yourself dwelling in a space of overwhelming emotions. Never lose hope. Having heightened sensations has several positive outcomes too. Following points will prove that you are awesome:

1. You can identify liars easily

If someone lies to you, you are able to instantly identify the lie even if you don’t know the person. This is a very impressive characteristic which will keep you safe from the negative aura of the energy vampires.

2. You are aware of your inner emotions

You are not only sensitive to other people’s sentiments but also you are aware of your own internal emotions. This is an amazing characteristic because in this way you know when and how to release the negative energy from within and reboot yourself.

3. You are creative

Empaths are usually creative. They often project their emotions by creating a piece of art. If you exploit your creative self in the best way, it can influence others beyond your expectations. It is never too late for an empath to explore his/her creative persona. As an empath you should know how creativity can help you to find peace within yourself.

4. You are a natural healer

Empaths are natural healers. An empath can transfer healing energy to others through the involvement of their heightened senses. Empaths are natural healers because they feel this overwhelming urge to heal themselves and others.

5. You have a heightened sense of smell

Your sense of smell allows you to enjoy the nature more fiercely. But at the same time, your olfactory sense also lets you foresee the impending doom or disease in a person or animal which eventually leads you to save lives.

6. Your sixth sense is always active

Your always active sixth sense allows you to sense the potential danger.

7. You are most comfortable when you are alone

Some non empaths feel lonely when they are alone; others feel okay to be alone. But empaths crave for some alone time. They feel most comfortable when they are alone. It’s the time when they can freely indulge themselves in self reflective actions.

8. You’re more fluent in non verbal communication

Research has shown that empaths prefer non verbal communications. Their intuitive power is much sharper than others. This enables them to stand for those who don’t have a voice of their own for example, animals and children.

Empaths are naturally blessed with several unusual abilities. But often they don’t understand how to properly execute those abilities. If you are going through the same problems, do remind yourself that you have been gifted by the Universe. Being able to reciprocate intensely to others’ emotions is an amazing gift. Nurture this quality, be patient and positive in your outlook and you’ll see, you’re getting accustomed to it, slowly but steadily.

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