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The Spiritual Energy Of The August Aquarius Full Moon Will Help You Deal With Your Struggles

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by Conscious Reminder

The sign with the Water Bearer symbol has the Sturgeon Full Moon in it on the 15th this month. The Water Bearer of Aquarius grants life eternally and provides spiritual food to all.

The water of the vessel is believed to wash away our past, creating space for new beginnings. Moving ahead and growth are the themes of Aquarius.

As we revive from the struggles of July, the enduring Sturgeon, who can survive for 130 years, reminds us of our inner strength.

Remember that you have survived the first half of the year and you have the powers within to smoothly sail through the remaining months.

All of us who have been struggling for some time now, have patience. The Aquarius Full Moon will give you the strength to survive.

Despondent people can utilize this time to pray to the Sturgeon during the Aquarius Full Moon. It will grant you powers to overcome the incoming obstacles now.

Totems For The Aquarius Full Moon

  • Mineral totems: Iron, Garnet
  • Plant totem: Raspberry
  • Animal totem: Sturgeon
  • Color: Red

The Water-Works

The August Aquarius Full Moon has been named so for the Native Americans. Life abounds in the Great Blue Lakes and the Sturgeon is spotted often in the Lakes.

The calm Waters are here to connect us to nature. You can think of yourself as a sturgeon swimming in the Lakes, which are in turn connected to all rivers and oceans.

Use the powers of connection now to find people with similar interests. The Aquarius Full Moon’s energy coursing through you will take you to the next level.

Emotions, Prayers, And Gratitude

With some prayers and rituals, you can acknowledge the Aquarius Full Moon and receive its blessing of spiritual energy. This is the time to release old pains and things weighing you down. Open up your mind to greater clarity and renewed flexibility.

Divine Spirits are waiting for your acknowledgment and prayers. 15th August’s Full Moon is a great time to meditate. Meditate and ask for guidance while exuding reverence. You will be blessed.

August is the month to reevaluate our lives. As the waves of life flow around us, release things bogging you down. Let them go and prepare to receive new energies coming your way. You are the only one who can reshuffle your life and create space for better things.

Emotions will turn complex and complicated this Aquarius Full Moon. Alone time will force you for the need of emotional freedom but in groups of people, you can better deal with your feelings. In such groups, you will be able to release your negative emotions of anger, jealousy, and fear.

You can take certain steps to be prepared for the Aquarius Full Moon. Situate your crystals inside a bowl of regular or sea salt for 3 consecutive days till the Full Moon. The salt will eliminate negative energies from your crystals.

On 15th August, rinse the salt off the crystals and place them where they can receive moonlight of the Full Moon. The moonlight is here to recharge the crystals to work in better sync and higher vibrations with you.

The Other Tags

The heat during this month makes our Moon appear as reddish and hazy. Hence, one of its names is the Full Red Moon. European nations also refer to it as the Green Corn Moon because, during this time, corns with green grains and leaves are at their peak.

August Full Moon has associations with Fire and Intense New Energy. They combine to bring your their fiery and intense energy to assist you in the harvest of the Fall. It is a great night to express gratitude for the current harvest in our lives.

So you can use your prayers and meditations to fully harvest the powers of this Aquarius Full Moon. Spiritual energy is abounding and it’s up to you how you absorb and utilize the energy!

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