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This Can Help You Recognize Your Clairsentience Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past, or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses.

Some of the most popular psychic abilities commonly found are clairaudience – the ability of clear hearing, clairvoyance – the ability of clear seeing, and clairsentience – the ability of clear feeling. And those who have these abilities are usually aware of them.

Many often prefer being a good clairvoyant to being clairsentient because they perceive clairvoyance as a better way of receiving psychic information. But the power of sense can prove just as powerful!

When one has an inner sense of knowledge and feeling, one can be called clairsentient. It is among the familiar ones of the intuitive sense is relatively easier to evolve and access.

The power of clairvoyance resides in us all. When we meet someone, we instinctively get a positive or negative vibe from them. We may not even have spoken to them yet but we can sense the palpable uneasiness within.

Our gut tells us that we won’t be bonding any time soon. And the inexperienced among us try to rationalize this “feeling” as the lack of common interests which prevents further bonding.

But the truth is that we can receive the other person’s feelings and thoughts from their aura.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra transmits the person’s energies to our abdomen area which makes us connect the feeling with “gut feeling”. As you well understand by now, this is indeed a form of the incredible power of clairsentience.

While the degree of these receiving powers varies from person to person, here are 6 questions which can help the clairsentient in you.

Greater the number of “yes” you answer to these questions, the stronger is your blessing.

1. Do your feelings get easily hurt? Do you have a difficult time managing your intense feelings?

2. When you are meeting someone, does your gut work overtime to indicate that something is wrong, although the other person appears to be normal and happy?

3. While driving, do your instincts often tell you to take some particular route instead of another, and later you find out that the route you avoided witnessed an accident or had dreadful traffic jam?

4. Do your near and dear ones often come to you when they are feeling low or when they want to confide in someone about their feelings and troubles?

5. Whenever you enter a room, do your instincts tell you if the furniture placement there is incorrect or correct?

6. Do you notice how strangers are easily drawn towards you? Be it a shopping mall or someone asking for directions, people seek you out and interact with you?

Clairsentients naturally draw people in because they can pick up other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Clairsentients must be careful not to let the negative emotions of those around them affect them too much. Practice separating your own emotions from those of others. Your psychic powers want to help you.

Stay safe and live happily!

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