Here’s How You Can Be A Positive Influence On Those Around You

by Conscious Reminder

“…to influence a person is to give one’s own soul” – Oscar Wilde

The first step in making the world a happier and better place is self-awareness. Everyone wants to transform the world and make things easier and better for the entirety of humanity. But rarely does anyone actually take the initiative to bring about the necessary changes. Most often, “change” fails to transform from a word to some definitive action.

The world starts with us. Each of us has to be responsible for our actions and words. Self-awareness is essential. When you make a good choice for your own self, that will lead to better choices for others too.

Freedom of choice cannot be exercised in some fixed routine. There’s no formula to tell you the exact balance. No steps to guide you to the greater good. The only thing available is awareness. When you are more alert and aware, you live every instant.

And each of those moments, you make choices that are best for both the self and the larger society. Thus self-awareness leads to creating good and positive influences on everyone around you, near and far.

You have been given the free will to decide. Which direction you take in life, where and how you invest your personal energy and time, all of these you have the freedom to choose.

You have the free reign of imagination to decide on your thoughts and ideas, how you interpret things, how to utilize your emotions, which actions to take, whom to include in your social groups, and they all combine to create your environment.

Not only the self, but your choices will also influence others too. As we go about interacting with all the various people, we have the power to influence them. And this, in turn, will keep spreading to influence the whole world. It’s the Butterfly effect but not just for the weather. We each can consciously choose to be a positive butterfly every day to influence the people immediately around us.

Awareness is the key. Awareness cannot be taught to anyone. It is trained with experience. We must train our awareness like we train our muscles. The better and greater the training, the bigger is the awareness. And a bigger awareness gives one greater control over one’s choices, which can then be better rooted in reason.

This then gives us the ability to determine how we can influence others. What bits of advice to share, whether to be a positive influence or a negative one? It’s all based on self- awareness.

Being creatures of habit, we often get stuck in routines and compulsions. Life runs on auto-pilot and we rarely put in thoughts to question our actions and choices.

When we stop thinking for ourselves, we only mimic others. We move with the flow. But those of us who want to advance the world need to think for themselves and ask questions. We need t go in front and lead the others. And this is possible only when we exercise our free will. Free will leads to better choices for us and others.

And when we do this, we are also enabling others become more aware of their own selves.

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