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Weekly Horoscope August 18-24: Virgo Season Will Give You A Reality Check

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by Conscious Reminder

As the summer draws to an end, the Sun shifts from the bold and charismatic Leo to the humble and modest Virgo. Love remains a major theme but turns more pragmatic.

Virgo makes us realistic as we release our stiff expectations and fantasies. Along with romance, work also comes into focus for us with the diligence of Virgo. Let’s see what the week ahead holds!


While the rest of us will be busy settling down with the Virgo energy, you seem to be still stuck with Leo vibes. You continue the week with vibrancy and playfulness, courtesy of  Leo. While focusing on your own enjoyment, be careful not to harm others. Use your judgment before jumping to conclusions.


Virgo energy blesses you with creativity and romance. This week utilize your time in meeting new people. A potential romance could be lurking in the corners and you will not be shy this time!


This week your focus turns to the home. Be it redecorating or just spring cleaning, you will be stuck at home and loving it. Being at home also means reconnecting with your family and close ones. But remember to enjoy some alone time. It will come handy soon.


The last few weeks have been all about finances and security but things will be easier now. As the Virgo energy flows through you, utilize the time to do some running, yoga or even dancing! Reopen your mind and body to change. Communications will be good this week so feel free to express yourself.


Although your season comes to an end this week, you still have Mercury on your side. Communications will flow smoother now. The enjoyment of the past month now brings into sharp focus your finances. Cut down on your shopping sprees and revise your accounts this week.


As the energies turn to your sign this week, make sure you get the most out of them. This is a period of great confidence in the self. Express your assertiveness now in things you do or don’t like. The stars are making sure you focus on your own self only this week, so forget about people-pleasing for now. Happy birthday Virgos!


New friends, work achievements, and judgment are the themes for you this week. As you near your birth month, your social side will keep magnifying and bringing you new people. All the hard work at your job will now reap golden for you, especially if you’re in the publishing business. While you love to be around lots of people, use your judgment this week. Not all of them have your best interests in mind.


The last few weeks have been all about work, and this week won’t be any different. Monday might even bring you some much-deserved recognition! You are aiming for the summit and by the end of the week, you’ll probably reach it. Your focus will now shift from overall performance to getting into the dirty details to finish off in style.


Although you are not much comfortable with the Virgo vibe in general, this week will grant you great energy. Utilize the energy to bring balance in your life- between your spontaneous and grand plans, and having a more cautious approach to your life. Break free from your limiting beliefs this week.


A huge catharsis is awaiting you now. Inner growth will come to you naturally this Virgo season and you will flow with it. The Virgo energy will give you the push to face your fears and you will emerge victoriously! Why fear when Virgo is here!


You have been all over the place, trying to find balance. But this week, gather yourself and focus your energy on work. Your romantic life won’t be much of a success right now so don’t waste your energy there. Focus it on furthering your career now. You have to bring flexibility to your expectations in order to succeed in relationships in the future.


This week, make sure you focus all your energy on the self. Healing the mind, body, and spirit should be your goal now. Virgo energy is here to help you be more balanced and accepting of the self. Align yourself and reach out to your best qualities: compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.

While the fun-filled Leo season comes to an end this week, it is time to sit back and take stock. Balance all the fun you had with some work commitments and taking care of the self. The Virgo season holds great potential for us all.

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