The Power Of The Om Meditation

by Conscious Reminder

Mantra Meditation 

The Om Meditation was said to be a Hindu method of meditation. This meditation is actually based on repeating the “OM” mantra while meditating.

Om is not only the sacred sound in the Hinduism, but it is also in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. It is a sacred syllable which is also considered the Universe’s first sound. It is the sacred and cosmic sound.

However, what is the meaning of mantra? Well, a mantra was said to be a sound, or a syllable, or a chanting, or even a word and words groups in different methods of meditation. The purpose of the mantra is to point and focus our mind in this repeating sound.

Practicing Om or Mantra meditation

Using yoga symbols is going to make the meditation better and more effective.

This is a meditation which we have to practice with our spine perfectly straight. We can choose the lotus position. We can even use some comfortable chair which will keep our spine erect.

Then, we should close our eyes, and take deep and long breaths. We should let our body relax and start relaxing our body parts step by step. Now, we can start our mantra.

We can repeat this mantra silently in our mind, whisper it softly or also repeat it out loud. However, we need to chant the mantra again and again.

The mantra is often repeated from 108 to 1008 times. Mala Beads will help our counting. We have to try to be focused on the sounds, and also on the vibrations which it creates right in our mouth, chest or our whole body.

After some time, the chant is going to repeat itself, and that will happen without our attention. However, it may even fade away, and then we are going to stay in the silent state of inner peace. 

However, more complex and better “OM” mantras exist, which we may use too. For instance, we may choose to try the OM MANI PADME OM or also OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, which are quite popular.

The Om meditation was said to be quite helpful when we want to accomplish a more profound inner peace, and when we would like to relax.

The sound which this mantra produces also has some healing properties. In fact, it can create harmony in our body’s vibrations.

It is an amazing mantra which is going to get us closer to our Divine, so we should enjoy it.

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