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Are Our Messages Sent & Heard Beyond The Veil

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Communication not only makes our practical lives easier, but it is also necessary to maintain our sanity.

While we can connect with other humans via calls, texts, etc, it is not so easy to connect with our loved ones who have passed away. We all seek their refuge and guidance from time to time. And yes they hear us.

At times, the spirits of the loved ones can be around us and we can communicate easily. Other times, if the distance is greater, there are other spirits who deliver your queries to the ones you seek.

Spirit guides, angels, and even our ancestors at times are the ones to deliver our questions to the beloved one.

Communication through multiple dimensions is not easy. Hence when you try to contact with the deceased, or when they try to contact you, the communication can flow through unlikely mediums.

Physical sensations, floating scents, visual imagery- all are means of communication. For humans, the most satisfying feeling is when we actually get to hear them.

Some Christians believe communicating with the dead is anti-Bible and anti-Christian. They think it’s dangerous to deal with the ungodly. Yet there are many instances in our Bible of prophets speaking to the deceased. It’s not too unusual.

There are Catholic mediums too who are loyal to their religion and also deliver messages to and from the deceased. Communication should not be controlled by religions.

The dead communicate with anyone who is blessed with the faculties. Space, time, and an open mind are all very important to receive their messages, and these cannot be linked to religions.

Spirit guides and angels surround us always. They are always listening. Address them in your pleas, and they will surely respond.

Be alert and attentive in order to understand their messages. Often spirits communicate in groups. Spirits have separate roles to play in our dimension too.

Often clairvoyant people are labeled as mentally ill just because they can communicate with beings not on earth physically.

Know that this is no illness. Most mediums have been dragged to doctors only be declared fit. Their clairaudience helps them communicate.

When you want to share information with a loved one from the other dimension, quieten your mind. Heighten your sensitivities to receive the messages.

Sit down calmly, empty your mind of all worldly worries, and focus on your loved one. Call them out. Ask for their help. Ask the other spirits and angels to help you in your communication.

There is nothing to be scared of in spiritual communication. You can surround yourself with God’s White Light and avoid the negative vibrations.

Be safe and communicate freely. They are eager to help.

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